Blockchain technology has been around for a decade and is now becoming increasingly popular. It is the digital ledger, and it got his name since all transactions are recorded in blocks. The basic blockchain technology enables digital currencies to function, with Bitcoin being the most prominent example.

According to the Times of India, some prominent Indian institutes have already proceeded on the booming blockchain and started blockchain technology courses. Indeed, a job search engine website stated that job postings have climbed by 37% in 2021 and by 138 per cent in the three years following August 2018.

Blockchain technology has gotten a lot of attention since Bitcoin became a primary motivation behind the widespread appeal of decentralised currencies. Many people are now eager to know more about this technology and the crypto sector.

In India, How Do You Become a Blockchain Developer?

Courses such as advanced certification programs in software engineering for blockchain, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT), optional courses on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and even free short online courses on blockchain principles are now available at major educational institutes.

The courses about blockchain aren’t only for job seekers. Business owners and entrepreneurs are also using them to educate themselves on the latest digital assets and prevent cryptocurrency-related scams.

In general, as the country evolves toward a more digital and blockchain-based future, there is a rising demand for people who are knowledgeable and trained in all things blockchain.

For one thing, it expects to launch a ‘digital currency’ by 2023, as BuyUcoin reported. The nation also intends to lower the tax on trading cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by 30%.

The Future of the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry appears to have a bright future, and it is the one with the tremendous potential to affect many other areas. We are all aware that unemployment in different sections of the IT industry may increase; yet, it is still advisable to give this technology a chance.

Blockchain may be employed in the supply chain segment, which can be challenging to manage even with more advanced technology and labour. Through verifiers, blockchain enables firms to regulate their supply chains efficiently.

Blockchains may be used to confirm applicants’ credentials, and they can also maintain track of those qualifications and link them to job openings. Similarly, this technique is used in a variety of sectors. In this sector, you might work as a tech architect, blockchain consultant, crypto community manager, analyst, product manager, software manager, and many other things.

Work in the blockchain industry is not difficult to come by. At first look, many people believe that blockchains are making developments into these industries. Even large corporations like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple consider investing in blockchain technology. 

Many organisations will embrace blockchain because it can ease work, and making interaction more accessible may benefit businesses and individuals. Blockchain jobs are the hottest IT career skill right now. Given the scarcity of skilled employees, it is not surprising that compensation in blockchain professions are frequently higher than in other fields of knowledge.

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