15% of the NFT Conversation in India Comes From Women – Says Twitter

15% of the NFT Conversation in India Comes From Women - Says Twitter

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With the dawn of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), every individual has adopted this innovative idea to symbolize their art. In India alone, conversations on NFT increased by 3000% till January 2022. 

Twitter, a microblogging site has become a medium around the world to communicate, discuss, resolve issues whether they are related to any industry. Same goes for Crypto Lovers as they got answer for most of their queries.

On Twitter, Women Tally for 15% of NFT Conversations in India

According to Twitter, at least 375 million tweets were sent on NFTs worldwide. Notably, women account for 15% of all conversations in India. #NFT #NFTs, #NFTgiveaway, #NFTcommunity, #NFTart, #NFTcollector are the most Tweeted hashtags in NFT talks on Twitter.

The Twitter research states, over 40% of women worldwide had never heard of NFTs, 26% feel NFTs may be a profitable investment, 25% view it as a chance for exclusivity. 24% believe NFTs are a thoughtful way for businesses to provide fresh and unique content to support independent artists.

How are Women Bridging the Gender Gap in the Cryptocurrency Industry?

Several Indian women NFT artists address the gender gap to assist other women in joining the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT industries in this fast-rising sector. 

One such example Akanksha Badaya(@art_lover_09), a Jaipur-based professional graphic designer, has worked on the fusion of digital and traditional art. She believes that Web 3.0 is the future and that her artwork might reach a bigger audience via NFTs. 

“My NFT journey started when I came across people sharing their NFTs on Twitter. That got me intrigued to know more about the space and research about it. I attended a few Twitter Spaces that helped me gain knowledge about the background of NFTs. To all the women artists aspiring to be part of the NFT community, it’s important to be original and confident about your work. Also, interact and connect with fellow artists.”

Badaya and other NFT artists will help establish Twitter’s first-ever worldwide female-led NFT Community namely ‘ Women in NFTs’ to escalate the work and stories of women. 

The platform thinks that the rising interest in NFTs necessitates addressing misconceptions and doubts, 22% believe NFTs are solely for wealthy people, and 15% believe NFTs would devalue actual art.

Hence the Community’s objective “will be to create a safe space for women to share and get information, create connections and support each other,” Twitter stated. 

Twitter stated in a news statement that “it’s open and conversational nature is enabling women to participate in this growing community of NFTs and own the conversations,” underlining the fact that women are leaning “into the conversation and are ready to #OwnIt.” 

According to Twitter, the #OwnIt Twitter emoji (woven spark) represents “the interweaving of different intersections, and as the spark spirals outwards from the center it encourages both individual and collective action from women.”

On the other side, Vrinda Tekchandani, head of the influencer marketing/partnerships team at Blockwiz believes 

“Crypto and blockchain is what is connecting all of us today. We are here doing meetings, and I’m connected to so many people across the globe, so blockchain and crypto is definitely a thing right now, and it’s connecting so many people.”

Vrinda Tekchandani

Countries worldwide will join together during March to honor women and advocate a gender-equal world, as they have done for almost a century. International Women’s Day is a unique celebration designed to recognize women’s enormous and substantial achievements and confront current disparities and plan for a future in which women have equal opportunities, respect, and stature as men.

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