7 Tokens To Watch Out for Good Return in 2024

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There are tons of tokens and cryptocurrencies on the market at the moment. New ones are coming in every day, too. Are all of them worth the investment? Obviously no!

If you want to succeed by buying or stacking crypto, you usually need to start early. It mostly guarantees a big return if the token’s value increases.

The issue is that it is not easy to predict the performance or potential of a token at that early phase without looking into various factors. One of them can be to check its client base.

In this article, we have assembled seven of the best tokens you should check out in 2024 and consider investing in for massive long-term returns.

List of Tokens to Check out in 2024

Here is our list of the best tokens that may benefit you greatly in the short or long run. Not all of them will be suitable for crypto betting sites, as some are for other areas of transactions.

1. Solana-Based Tokens

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Solana is a blockchain featured in a cryptocurrency platform named Jupiter (JUP). It provides massive offers to its clients. For example, investing in these tokens or while using the platform, you can expect-

Automation of the investment process. They use Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) for this.

You can trade or swap assets at a great price. When it comes to getting from others, you can limit your orders.

Its tokens, like BONK or WEN, are rapidly rising in the field of asset swapping on Solana. Moreover, investing in them with the help of their token launchpad platform is also fairly easy.

Website: https://coincodex.com/crypto/jupiter-coin/

2. Pepe Unchained

7 Tokens To Watch Out for Good Return in 2024 | BuyUcoin

The Pepe meme is popular among various social media platforms and now has its own cryptocurrency. The ETH Layer-2 chain is easy to buy and stake through their website.

So, what’s the advantage of stacking $PEPU? Firstly, you will receive twice the rewards for stacking via its Layer-2 system.

You can buy or stack $PEPU using a credit card, Tether, or Ethereum. Its prices obviously fluctuate, but the current price is pretty low, making it easy to stake. As of the time of writing, their website has given a timeframe for the value to increase within only three days.

A large amount of the token has already been sold.

Website: https://pepeunchained.com/

3. PlayDoge

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$PLAY or Play-to-earn meme coin is gaining quite good attention prior to the summer season, heralding a high increase in its value soon enough. PlayDoge is now on the Binance Smart Chain.

The interface of this token’s platform contains a virtual pet in the Tamagotchi fashion. You can raise and nourish it and receive tokens through playing the game.

It is still not too late to check out its presale period, which is a 40-stage one. As you can understand, going early will ensure a larger return.

Once the presale phase ends, a Binance CEX will be launched. In case you don’t know, Doge is also a meme similar to Pepe, albeit arguably more popular.

Website: https://playdoge.co/

4. Ripple or XRP

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Decentralized blockchain is an incredible technology that provides many advantages in the financial transaction field, and Ripple (XRP) embraced this tech.

Ripple Lab was the developer of the token, which they created in 2012 to manage online transactions easily. Its decentralized protocol allows peer-to-peer transfer of money, which doesn’t come with hefty costs.

Moreover, transactions using Ripple can be as fast as almost instant. So, you may wonder about its popularity. While its current value is less than a dollar, its clients extend to even many international banks.

Its Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (PoW) methods take the XRP transaction verification system to a new level.

Website: https://ripple.com/xrp/

5. Chainlink

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Before we delve into Chainlink or LINK, we need to explain what an oracle is. A blockchain oracle is a system that collects data from various parts of the world, both in real life and online, and verifies them. It is a link between real-world events and online transactions.

Chainlink uses these oracles as one of its key features. The token has one sole yet unique purpose. People worldwide are constantly making smart contracts, and each of them requires lots of vitrified data.

This data can range from the market price of a specific product, the result of a sports game, or a big company’s current revenue. Chainlink digs up this public data, confirms its credibility, and then provides it to the respective clients to help with their smart contracts.

As you can understand, this is a highly potent cryptocurrency valued at around $17.

Website: https://chain.link/

6. Hippo Wallet Token (HPO)

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While HPO started rising in popularity in 2022, it hasn’t diminished since. This token has the advantage of security, where you need to use the Hippo Wallet app.

So, how is HPO so secure compared to many other tokens? Firstly, you have different features like-

  • Custom Node connection
  • Multisignature
  • Bridging, etc.

All these ensure a safe yet reliable space for storing and using your HPO token. Its work area also extends in a wide range from liquidity gathering, staking, trading, or swapping.

Website: https://hpotoken.io/

7. Render

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Picture this- a platform where you can get incredibly good quality 3D images connected to the power of a decentralized GPU. That is what Render is all about.

Buying Render is a surefire way to get some of the best gaming imaging for your projects related to artificial intelligence, game development, virtual reality, or cloud computing.

What’s surprising is that the results you will get from the Render platform using their tokens are unbelievably good. Many even compare it to the NVIDIA level.

Given how gaming, AI, VR, and ultra-realistic 3D graphics are on the rise of pop culture in the future market, going for this token should bore sweet fruits.

Website: https://rendernetwork.com/

Not all potential tokens will be good for you since some are specific to a certain purpose or industry. However, if you are still available to shift to any industry based on potential profit, choosing any of the above tokens to invest in will be ideal.

We still recommend further research before pouring your money in since it is a big and long-lasting endeavor.


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