Its Boom Time for Blockchain Jobs In India – Are You Applying?

Its Boom Time for Blockchain Jobs In India - Are You Applying?

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Blockchain technology has been around for a decade and has grown in popularity. According to Finder’s crypto report, India ranks second in a poll of the most excited about utilizing cryptos, with more than 9% of pollee claiming to have traded in cryptocurrency.

The number of traders and investors surged drastically following Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s decision to create India’s own digital currency to impact the economy significantly.

Acceptance by the Indian government for blockchain and incorporating it to create their own digital currency has also shown popularity for blockchain, and people now want to learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

The research from Indeed, a job search engine platform, says the job posts have increased by 37% in the year 2021 and by 138% in three years after August 2018. 

Learning blockchain will benefit one’s career because there is a great demand in these jobs for individuals who understand blockchain technology.

How are Blockchain Courses Ideal for Anyone Looking for a Desirable Job?

Along with cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is gaining prominence. It is the digital ledger, where all transactions are recorded in blocks, and that is why it has a name. The underlying blockchain technology allows digital currencies to work, with Bitcoin serving as the finest example. 

Since Bitcoin became a driving force behind the international popularity of decentralized currencies, blockchain technology has received much attention. Today, many individuals are interested in learning more about this technology as well as the crypto industry. 

Many organzations have shown interest  in focusing on the benefits of the blockchain technology to achieve the desired results to include security for their firms.  Digital Ledger Technology’s demand across various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, insurance companies, textile, agriculture, marketing, advertising, and many more has dramatically increased. 

Demand For Blockchain Jobs Among Indian Software Engineers Increased by 76% Every Year

In high hopes of demand, edtech platforms, institutions, and even top institutes in India develop blockchain jobs. For example, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, plans to open a blockchain innovation centre on its campus.

IT-Madras plans to launch an alumni-driven deeptech financing programme to support student initiatives in blockchain development and quantum computing; among other areas. 

“Faculty members from different departments such as mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, and computer science engineering are coming together to create an interdisciplinary center; stated Prabhu Rajagopal, a mechanical engineering professor at IIT-Madras.

On the other hand; the collaboration between IIT-Kanpur and Simplilearn provide learners with high-engagement learning opportunities with real-world blockchain applications in Fintech, Healthcare; Supply Chain Management; and other areas. 

According to a Linkedin market research published in January 2022; employment possibilities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency areas increased by 395% year on year in 2021 in the United States; exceeding job growth in the entire technology industry.

Early evidence of growth in demand for blockchain-related professions in India, according to edtech platforms, are already noticed. According to Byju’s-owned Great Learning, the firm has grown 129% per six months since it debuted blockchain courses in July 2020.

Arjun Mohan, the CEO of the online education platform Upgrad; stated that the firm had experienced a 50% increase in demand for its blockchain-related courses in the last year; and a related increase in income collected from these courses.

“We’re seeing the higher-priced courses seeing more takers among the new enrolments; and nearly 100% increase in revenues from these courses over the past year,” he said.

Given that there is a high demand in the job market for those who understand blockchain technology; learning blockchain will help one’s career.

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