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Limoverse earn for your fitness and health

Limoverse: Earn with your Personal Fitness Data and Workouts on The Blockchain

The theme of the future has always been central to Metaverse. Limoverse is a Metaverse where people may live, interact, heal, and recuperate while still contributing to the world beyond the metaverse. It’s become a buzzword in the business, with corporations like Facebook emphasizing it. For years, the founder, Sajeev...

Limoverse - A blockchain based metaverse platform for health lovers

Limoverse:  A New Blockchain-Based Metaverse for Health Lovers

Ever wonder about consulting a doctor in virtual reality while sitting at home. Limoverse is one such platform with provides a metaverse space for the users based on blockchain where you can consult your issues with health experts all in virtual reality and earn daily. Health is wealth is an...

What is Blockchain Gaming

What is Blockchain Gaming? The Future of Online Gaming

Blockchain gaming seems complicated to you? Wanted to learn what is blockchain gaming and how it can become the next future of online gaming. Well, you have come to the right place. In the last 10 years, the gaming industry has changed drastically. It grew from a niche market to...

Is Shiba Inu Introducing Its Metaverse ‘Shiberse’? What Next?

Is Shiba Inu Introducing Its Metaverse ‘Shiberse’? What Next?

Shiba Inu creators announced the introduction of the Dogecoin-killer into the metaverse, ‘Shiberse’ to compete with other metaverse tokens such as Axie Infinity, Sandbox, and Decentraland. Analysts expected a  jump in Shiba Inu price due to growing demand for the meme coin. Shiba Inu Introduces Shiberse to Compete With MANA,...

GALA Sees Massive Jump of 117% as the Ecosystem Draws New Users

GALA Sees Massive Jump of 117% as the Ecosystem Draws New Users

Gala (GALA), a platform focused on employing blockchain technology to offer players control over the games they play and the in-game stuff they collect; has seen its token price incredibly surges in the first week of February. What Makes Play-to-Earn Like GALA Surge in 2022? Blockchain technology is why the...

Google Web 3.0 Strategies, Check Explored Google Blockchain Products

Google Web 3.0 Strategies, Check Explored Google Blockchain Products

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet Inc. and its parent company Google, revealed some strategies about its blockchain plan; investigating the use of Web 3.0 technology for the first time.  He is considering ways to incorporate the blockchain-based version of the internet during its Q4 results call last week. Google...

FM Sitharaman Announces Establishment of India's First Digital Currency

FM Sitharaman Announces Establishment of India’s First Digital Currency

Today, Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Finance Minister, announced India’s first digital currency would be available shortly for Indian investors. Around her fourth Budget, Sitharaman stated that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will launch digital currency in 2022-23. She also said that it would have a significant impact on the economy....


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