What is DApp? Decentralized Applications Explained

what is dapp?

Going through crypto terminologies, have you ever come across – What is DApp? In 2019, Dapps’ market share was valued at USD 10.52 billion. It is expected to reach USD $368.25 billion by 2027. With its increasing market share, it becomes crucial to know what are apps; you know how your mobile phone can have […]

What is Yield Farming in DeFi? How Can You Earn Income?

what is yield farming and how can you earn income

Have You heard about yield farming? Earning Money from Crypto Staking. Your banks are most likely to pay you just a quarter per cent on locking your funds. However, several cryptos can pay you up to 6% or more for locking funds in DeFi. It can be intimidating for several others when it seems like […]

What is Defi staking? Is Defi staking safe?

What is Defi staking?

Defi staking is one of the hottest trends in Cryptocurrency because of its high profit. Although it is a simple concept, it offers a variety of benefits and rewards as high as 13% of their holdings that attract millions of users. If you’re into cryptocurrency or have heard of DeFi, then you might be aware […]

Why DeFi is Gaining Popularity? What are the Top 10 DeFi Crypto Projects in 2022?

Why DeFi is Gaining Popularity? What are the Top 10 DeFi Crypto Projects in 2022?

Today’s financial market is flooded with decentralized finance (DeFi) crypto projects, or some also call it Defi projects. Although, only a few are aware of the importance of Defi and its functioning. Besides, it’s intriguing to understand what Defi is and why everyone is making a buzz about it! What is DeFi? The financial world […]

What is Ethereum Blockchain?

What is Ethereum Blockchain?

If you’ve been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrencies for the last decade; You’ve probably heard the phrase “blockchain,” which refers to the record-keeping technology that powers the cryptocurrency network. Blockchain is a data storage mechanism that makes modifying, hacking, or cheating the system difficult, if not impossible. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a blockchain platform with […]

Ethereum: In-Depth Overview – Trade Ethereum in India

Trade Ethereum In India

Everyone knows that Ethereum is the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, but there’s a catch! ETH is not just a currency. It is more than that. Let us discuss what Ethereum is and what makes it unique? What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a blockchain platform with its cryptocurrency called Ether. It also has a programming […]