What is bitcoin? Learn everything about BTC in simple words 2022.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

What is the exact meaning of the word “bitcoin” as the top search term on Google every year? That this term is being searched so heavily. And what is bitcoin, exactly? So, instead of using technical and complicated words about what is bitcoin, let us grasp it in layman’s terms. Why does anyone offer you […]

Ethereum Might Surpass Bitcoin in 2022: Here’s Why?

Ethereum Might Surpass Bitcoin in 2022: Here’s Why?

Did you know that Ethereum might surpass Bitcoin in 2022. Research shows that Ethereum’s price skyrocketed by more than 400%, while Bitcoin’s price has increased by around 70%. Bitcoin is a digital currency that emerged first in the crypto realm. Those who have already invested in Bitcoin are more likely to gain significant returns. Ethereum, […]

Tax on Cryptocurrency: 30% Tax on Digital Assets (Crypto Taxation Guide)

In Union Budget government announced tax provisions on cryptocurrency in India. According to the Budget document income from the transfer of digital assets such as cryptocurrency will be taxed at 30%. Except for the expense of acquiring digital assets, no deductions will be permitted. Losses on the sale of digital assets cannot be offset against […]

The World’s Third-Largest Bitcoin Whale Adds $21 Million in BTC at $46.3k

The World’s Third-Largest Bitcoin Whale Adds $21 Million in BTC at $46.3k

According to Bitinfocharts, the third-largest Bitcoin whale adds 456 BTC on January 4th at an average price of $46.3k. The purchase is estimated to be valued at approximately $21 million. This is the entity’s first significant purchase, after 6 BTC 55 minutes before the new year. At the time of writing, the whale had 120,845.57 […]

Bitcoin Gains Momentum; Why Isn’t The Rally Over?

Top 5 Crypto News - Musk Responds to Dorsey’s Bitcoin Maximalism

Bitcoin price created a base and began a new upward trend over the $46,500 barrier. BTC accelerated its rise above the $47,500 mark and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The Price of Bitcoin Continue to Rise The price rose so far that it burst through the $48,500 barrier level. A convincing rise over the […]

‘Bitcoin Will Replace the Dollar,’ says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Bitcoin Will Replace the Dollar

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO and co-founder of Twitter, predicted that Bitcoin would eventually replace the US dollar in a tweet on December 21. The remark came in response to Grammy-winning artist Cardi B’s Twitter inquiry on whether cryptocurrency might eventually replace the dollar.  Twitter Founder Believes Bitcoin Would Someday Replace The US Dollar The […]