🎊 BuyUcoin EZ is Now Live with 0% TDS Plans

BuyUcoin EZ is live

Namaste, We are super excited to announce that Instant Buy/Sell Services are now back on BuyUcoin EZ. We know that many of you have been waiting for these markets to get back to hassle-free crypto investing. Also, we are coming soon with Zero TDS Systematic Crypto Investment Plans along with new and exciting plans for […]

TCX (Tron Connect) announces listing with BuyUcoin an Indian Exchange

TCX (Tron Connect) Listed on BuyUcoin

The crypto market is getting stronger day by day in India. Do you know what you really need to do right now? Explore a new coin with us! BuyUcoin will be listing new crypto that goes by the name TCX (Tron Connect). What happens after TCX (Tron Connect) is added to BuyUcoin? Here are a […]

Shiba Inu : The Crypto That Outnumbers Bitcoin Trade in India

Shiba Inu : The Crypto That Outnumbers Bitcoin Trade in India

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has emerged as the most popular cryptocurrency among crypto enthusiasts in India and worldwide. Shib token; the crypto that outnumbers Bitcoin trade in India. The game coin price has dropped slightly to $0.00007328 after reaching an all-time high of $0.00008845 on Thursday. It has gained more than 130 per cent in the […]

NFT’s Dark Side: Art & Identity Theft, Wash Trading, And Environmental Desolation

NFT's Dark Side Learn more

NFTs are rapidly changing the landscape of art and entertainment; but the new phenomenon has attracted the attention of fraudsters; who are using it to commit crimes such as art theft and identity theft. Copyright regulations; document storage, forgery concerns, a high carbon footprint; expensive taxes, and ownership defaults are among the other challenges, according […]

China’s Move To Deem Crypto Sparked Panic Sales in India

China's Move To Deem Crypto Sparked Panic Sales in India Learn more

Mumbai: Several Indian investors rushed to close positions in lesser crypto; while others sought safety in safer names such as; Bitcoin and Ethereum as the asset class plummeted on Friday and Saturday after the Chinese central bank declared all cryptocurrencies illegal. Transaction volumes at key Indian exchanges have increased by about 50% in the last […]

No Fees on Crypto Withdrawals in India | Now Exchange Cryptocurrencies with 0% Fees.

No Fees on Crypto Withdrawals in India

Great news for all the BuyUcoin users! Now Enjoy free cryptocurrency withdrawals on our platform! As of 27th September 2021, all the users will be able to withdraw cryptocurrencies from one BuyUcoin Crypto Wallet to another BuyUcoin Crypto Wallet at zero network fees. What’s the benefit for Users? On BuyUcoin Web/App you can withdraw/transfer your crypto assets […]