Daily Crypto News- Ethereum Whale ‘Gimli’ Adds 28 Billion SHIB to its Portfolio

Daily Crypto News- Ethereum Whale 'Gimli' Adds 28 Billion SHIB to its Portfolio

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News 1: Ethereum Whale ‘Gimli’ Adds 28 Billion SHIB to its Portfolio

Gimli, One of the giant Ethereum whales around is a fan of Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, to the point of accumulating SHIB at every opportunity.

An Ethereum whale, one of the biggest, has just swooped in to add 28 billion Shiba Inu tokens worth over $1.1 million (roughly Rs. 8.81 crores) to a portfolio that now holds over 1.2 trillion tokens alone. The whale wallet, dubbed ‘Gimli,’ began adding SHIB tokens back in June and has since accumulated a sum worth $56 million (roughly Rs. 422.4 crores). Shiba Inu’s value has dropped more than 45 percent over the past 30 days, but whales like ‘Gimli’ have consistently bought the dip, and the Dogecoin rival soars in mainstream popularity.

News 2: ChainSwap to Launch Industry’s First Cross-Chain Aggregator

ChainSwap, a cross-chain asset bridge & application hub for innovative chains, launched its cross-chain bridge aggregator. The initial version of ChainSwap Cross-chain Bridge Aggregator integrates three leading bridge solutions, namely Poly Bridge, Multichain, and AnySwap. More bridges are expected to be supported by the aggregator. ChainSwap’s final goal is to integrate all cross-chain bridges available on the market and become the go-to platform for cross-chain solution seekers.

News 3: Number Of Cardano Wallets Staking ADA Crosses 1 Million

 The project has been one of the most promising in the space and has garnered a cult-like following since it debuted in 2017. The altcoin held the number one spot for the network, with the highest amount of coins staked until recently when Solana took over that title. Nevertheless, it has held its own in the market.

Staking on the network had ramped up following the release of intelligent contracts capabilities on the blockchain. Developers had finally been able to release DApps on the web, and the projects launched on the blockchain enjoyed tremendous success due to the anticipation. What followed was a rapid increase in the number of users staking their ADA on the network.


Embily USA, the American arm of European fintech company Embily, has joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program. Embily’s refillable debit card, which can be topped up with bitcoin and used to pay for goods and services worldwide; will launch in the U.S. next year.

The move will grant the firm access to Visa’s payment network and enable faster onboarding times; expediting the scaling of its business model.

News 5: Candao is Launching The First Social Network Launchpad

Candao, an over-layer solution for the social cryptocurrency world, has launched its social network launchpad. This is the first of its kind in the crypto industry. Having a world where everyone and anyone can build, scale; and expand their businesses irrespective of whether the person is a business professional is possible through social network communities. People don’t necessarily need to make new contacts before creating and expanding their businesses. Candao aims to create a new economic paradigm with its social network launchpad.

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