Top 10 NFT Trends That Could Change The World In 2022

Top 10 NFT Trends That Could Change The World In 2022

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Have you ever thought about the need to know about NFT trends?

Whether or not you’re interested, these 10 NFT trends could possibly change the world in 2022. We will cover everything that can excite you, from music to data and games. Still, feel NFT cannot turn your heads? Wait! Did you know a 22-year-old boy bought two houses from an NFT game called Axie Infinity earnings? Well, that’s not all! Jace Kay, a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club member, believes that 2022 sounds like NFT. 

Over the recent years, the popularity of non-fungible tokens or NFTs has increased tremendously. People who never thought of investing have started to earn a passive income by selling and buying them. If you’re unaware of NFTs or the emerging trends, stick by us till the end. 

Over diving into the top 10 NFT trends, let’s briefly explore what the Non-Fungible Tokens are. 

What is NFT? 

For some, the NFT coin is a kind of a cryptocurrency; however, for others, it is a future technology that could enlighten the world. Non-fungible tokens, commonly known as NFTs, are digital tokens present in the blockchain network. Because of their engagement in practically every industry, the buzz surrounding NFTs has skyrocketed, particularly in the last few months. The love and support that NFTs have received have inspired thousands and millions of others to explore this field. And earn a source of passive income from it, whether as an artist, gamer, or otherwise.

So, if you’re someone who loves to create unique art pieces or play games all day long, you might build a career out of it just like Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, and Vignesh Sundaresan, a medic van who earned more than 70 million dollars worth of digital art NFTs on Beeple.

10 NFT Trends that Could Change the World in 2022

Not to ignore the latest trends, here is the list of 10 NFT trends that could change the world in 2022. Let’s get started! 

1. NFT Art 

In today’s creative world, NFTs are evolving as an incredible innovation as NFT art is highly promoted. It has emerged as a boon for many artists for creating and monetising their work around the globe. The most expensive NFT art ever sold is the Pak piece, The Merge. Nearly 30,000 collectors were pitching for this master art; however, it was sold at $91.8m.

2. Community-Owned Branding

Providing the IP control to the community for taking and spinning into new unexplored directions that the parent brand would never consider attracts growth. NFT and blockchain offer reselling rights, which ensure that a user is paid for the future use of their work. 

3. Ethereum 2.0 to Solve the Energy Issue 

The massive carbon footprint generated in the production of NFTs is because of ethereum token. On the Ethereum blockchain, a single transaction consumes as much energy as a typical household consumes in a day and a half. Ethereum is burning energy as if you are driving the car with your foot on the gas paddle. However, with the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, this problem is resolving slowly and steadily. 

4. Tokenisation and Gaming

In the past few months, it has been noticed that a lot of NFT projects are engaged in tokenisation, which means you’re fetching additional value from it. If you do it rightly, these tokens can be sold in the market at higher rates. 

5. Metaverse 

In 2022, the advantages of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NFTs will be part of the metaverse while pushing all the barriers aside. NFTs will be part of the metaverse space in a way that users in the form of avatars can roam in the metaspace and explore different NFTs and can also do in-app purchases, which is very much similar to going museum.

6. Web 3.0 to take off 

NFTs are all about Web 3.0, which generally deals with having ownership and winning rewards. The introduction of NFT and the internet go hand-in-hand and is ready to start in 2022. 

7. Music NFTs are here to stay. 

In 2022, music and NFT will be a big thing. In the music space, the NFT will be a broader term.  Art and sound recordings, as well as tickets and other items, can be part of NFTs. In 2021, NFTs generated a staggering $25 billion in total sales. In India, Bappi Lahiri, a well-known Indian singer, has released his own NFT collectibles.

8. NFT gaming zone 

What makes NFTs unique is that they are irreplaceable. Presently, NFT games like Axie infinity, Nine chronicles, and Sandbox have captured the entire market industry. In December 2021, when Axie Infinity was written, it was valued at around $6.5 billion; however, today, it alone has attracted $24 million NFTS in sales.

9. Real-world experiences

Another big thing that will happen in 2022 is real-world experiences. In case you’re in favour of an NFT project, it means you’re a part of the community. 

10. NFT personalities 

In the upcoming year, the audience will witness artists performing on stage as NFT personalities rather than being themselves. Expect actors and musicians; people are already changing themselves into NFT personalities. 

The Bottom line 

The popularity of NFTs is unmatched, and it’s only going to increase in 2022 and the upcoming years. Some of the NFT trends may appear far away. However, others have already captured the global market. 

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