Have you started playing NFT Games – New to you, let us give you inside details.

In 2008, the US knowingly gambled in high-risk ventures resulting in a financial crisis. Following this, the blockchain was created on which Non-fungible tokens and all cryptocurrencies are based. On the one hand, where blockchain is turning enough heads, the NFT coin brought an unsaid revolution when Beeple sold his digital artwork called “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for $69M. 

Not just digital NFT art, but NFT is a platform for video gamers. Gamers find intrinsic value in their achievements, personal history, stories, communities, and status. Hundreds and thousands are spent purchasing several digital items, including outfits to give a revamped look, better performance boost, and unlockable content. But what exactly is NFT? NFT Gaming and Streaming? These are the answers to these brimming questions. 

Today, in this article, we will be explaining the concept of NFTs, How NFT games work, and the future scope of NFTs, especially in the gaming industry. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

What are NFTs? 

The idea of NFTs emerged after introducing “coloured coins” in 2012. Coloured coins are unique coins that represent real-world assets and are used to prove the ownership of assets such as real estate, cars, precious metals, etc. Later in 2018, NFTS started catching common people’s attention before exploding completely in early 2021. Also termed Non-fungible tokens, the NFTs are digital tokens present in the blockchain network. Due to its arrival in the gaming industry, the hype around NFTs has increased tremendously, especially among the youth. 

Non-fungible tokens, according to most people, are simply like any other cryptocurrency; yet, they are much more than that. Ethereum and Bitcoin come under the category of fungible tokens, which means if you trade these for one another, it will generate the same value. However, with NFTs, it’s not the case. If traded, these are non-fungible tokens that may end with a completely new amount. 

3 Best NFT Games For 2022

Experiments on video games are happening that explain how video games are developed, governed, and monetised. Through blockchain, this new and interactive breed of games has allowed players to explore unmatched areas and attain some control for owning the in-game digital items to dictate how the game evolves. Let’s see some of the Non-fungible tokens gaming and streaming. 

What are NFT Games? 3 Best NFT Games For 2022 image 2022 04 25T10 55 18 133Z | BuyUcoin

What are NFT Games? 3 Best NFT Games For 2022 image 2022 04 25T10 56 08 147Z | BuyUcoin

Is NFT the future of games? 

Every day, the news on the current NFT craze is the heading. What makes NFTs unique is that they are irreplaceable. Presently, NFT games like Axie Infinity, Nine chronicles, and Gods Unchained have captured the entire market industry. In December 2021, when Axie Infinity was created, it was valued at around $6.5 billion; however, today, it alone has attracted $24 million NFTS in sales. 

Sandbox is nowhere less concerning the market cap. Apart from these, there are several other popular NFT games. These include F1 Delta Time, Gods Unchained, Gold Fever, Splinterlands, My DeFi pet, CryptoBlades, Galaxy Blocks, and TT Guess.

The Final Words 

Over the years, NFTs have emerged as one of the best innovations. However, it is still at the initial stage. Many still believe that investing in NFTs is not an ideal choice. However, it is suggested to run in-depth research before investing. However, its amalgamation with the gaming industry has left everyone in a state of astonishment. It is even said that this seamless merger can even give rise to the trillion-dollar gaming industry. If you’re a long-term investor in the gaming industry, do not listen to the background vocals and start investing today. 

Not just in the gaming industry, NFTs play a critical role in the lives of artists as well. NFTs have enhanced media exposure and special perks for aspiring emerging artists on several social media platforms. This popularity of NFT art gives rise to never thought before opportunities for emerging artists and new art platforms. 

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