It is no secret that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) remain a niche concept. Despite their quick rise in popularity in 2021, a sizable proportion of the population remains unaware of an NFT. Results show that much more work must be done before NFTs genuinely enter the mainstream. 

Celebrities Are Enthusiastically Adopting NFTs

Celebrities have had a significant role in the emergence of NFTs. Initially, the NFT realm was established by artists, producers, traders, and others who helped pave the way for today. Since then, significant personalities have also entered the field, whether via their endeavors or just by collecting. 

The surge of celebrities in recent months has been incredibly beneficial in broadening the reach of NFTs. Still, in the NFT arena, everyone starts from nothing, and value does not develop from influence. Many celebrities who established NFT collections without thinking about the long term have had their NFTs fail to hold weight, supporting this viewpoint.

There is a distinction between those who have added value to the area and those who have attempted to profit from it. Take Snoop Dogg and Amitabh Bachchan, for example. Many celebrities, including Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, Sunny Leone, Salman Khan, and DJ Khaled, have attended the event. They are all celebs who purchased collections and used them as profile photos.

These celebrities have undoubtedly been a big motivator for expanding the NFT sector. As the number of stars in this space continues to grow, there is little question of whether their impact will embed crypto culture into the mainstream.

Adidas Enters The Metaverse With NFT Collaborations

The Adidas collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gmoney, and PUNKS Comics has been the most crucial mainstream bridge. Adidas introduced a new Twitter account, Adidas Originals, with these new partners to share their goals, which shocked the NFT industry. 

They disclosed many essential things in this space, including their ambitions to enter the Metaverse, a digital realm that would allow people to connect digitally in the future. They released a trailer to demonstrate their concept, which shows Adidas’ Bored Ape and representations of its new partners seamlessly traveling through the sky and into the Metaverse.

The Adidas Originals account also updated its profile image to the freshly bought Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #8774, a special blue ape named Indigo Herz, with heart glasses and a fisherman’s cap is the Metaverse face of its brand.

What Makes This So Progressive?

Individuals have dominated the NFT space thus far, and individuals have pushed the sector forward, whether they be ordinary merchants, inventors, or even superstars. Enter Adidas, a classic and famous brand with four million Twitter followers and 26 million Instagram followers. 

The existence of this one brand has the potential to draw more attention to the space than all of the individuals combined, therefore greatly accelerating the rise of NFTs.

In a tweet, Adidas presented its very own Sandbox plot, a piece of digital land that officially cements its position within this Metaverse.

The hurdle to general acceptance is that if you are new to the industry, setting up a MetaMask wallet may be quite complex if you don’t know where to begin. Every step of the journey involves costs, transfers, and hassles, making this a significant barrier to entry. This will dissuade the ordinary individual from ever considering entering the place. So, if NFTs are to appeal to the general public, getting started must be simplified.

Assistance is required. Unless you are incredibly dedicated, you cannot be expected to build a wallet, begin trading, and make transfers independently. It is a fantastic endeavor for anybody, and as a result; we require mentors, helping hands, and methods of assisting people along the process. 

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The complexities of getting started are a significant barrier to entry; and although manuals are helpful, something more comprehensive is required to make life easier for everyone involved. It is impossible to predict when NFTs will become widely used until then.


NFTs have a long way to go before they are widely used. However, as this essay explains, there are already several significant indicators that they will in the future. Whether it’s celebrities, massive brands, or companies, more eyes will be drawn to the location; and if the time coincides and customers see this, a shift in perspective may occur. But, first and foremost, much work in education and accessibility must be completed.

We know that the NFT is a novel technology that is still in its early phases of development. However, significant firms and brands are already showing interest, and NFT adoption, whether gradual or rapid, is unavoidable.

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