There Are More People Using Bitcoin Wallets Than Bank Accounts, Says El Salvador President

El Salvador had made history when it became the first sovereign nation to make bitcoin a legal tender. There are more people using bitcoin wallets than bank accounts. The September 7 official adoption had sent the entire space into jubilation as it had marked a significant stride for BTC. Barely a teenager, the digital asset had grown from being a relatively unknown internet coin to become the official legal tender of a country.

Since then, El Salvador has made strides when it comes to bitcoin. The country had gradually increased its stake in BTC after its first purchase on what has come to be known as “Bitcoin Day” in the country. Adoption of the government-issued bitcoin wallets, Chivo, had grown rapidly as residents of the country took advantage of the $30 sign-up bonus.

AMC theatres Will Accept Shiba Inu (SHIB)

AMC CEO, Adam Aron took to Twitter today to unveil AMC’s exclusive crypto venture with Shiba Inu. The largest movie theatre chain in the United States confirmed that they will now accept Shiba Inu payments along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other cryptocurrencies.

Aron noted in his tweet that AMC will partner with the crypto payment processing service provider, BitPay to begin accepting Shiba Inu. This partnership will facilitate online crypto payments for movie tickets and concessions. Furthermore, AMC’s CEO emphasized that the movie theatre giant is BitPay’s first-ever client to accept Shiba Inu and that the payment service will commence within 60 to 120 days.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Strikes New All-Time High: Factors

The rise of The Lightning Network is one of the most important stories of the year. On its back, El Salvador could adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Bitcoin Beach’s implementation of The Lightning Network served as a use case that showed that it could be relied on. And then, a whole country uses it daily. Since then, the network keeps growing day after day, month after month. And its public capacity just hit an all-time high. 

Nowadays, the liquidity unleashed into the Lightning Network reached 3225 BTC. The little engine that could keeps advancing, growing, surprising the whole world. Not only that, it’s also proving to be fertile ground for innovation. The number of companies building on top of it also keeps growing. And so does the number of institutions adopting it and integrating it into their plans.  

The Future of NFT: The Most Promising Collection Drops

NFT is definitely one of the main buzzwords of today: non-fungible tokens are used more and more widely in multiple industries, artists create new collections regularly, and NFT popularity and market value are growing steadily. However, it has become quite difficult to find true gems among the plethora of NFTs collections, so we have prepared a small list of the most promising upcoming NFT collection drops that are worth watching for.

Mutant Ether Babies (Mebs) are 10,000 NFTs that are going to drop from November 15 to December 1. They will be generated from a mix of 340+ traits and mutations. Oh, and they will be hybrids of cats and apes.

Ripple Proposes ‘Real Approach to Cryptocurrency Regulation’

Ripple has published a proposal for a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies called; “A Real Approach to Cryptocurrency Regulation.” CEO Brad Garlinghouse explained that his company’s; “proposed policy framework is a three-pronged approach of what can be done now; ” noting that it is the result of Ripple’s “direct interactions with regulators and bipartisan policymakers.”

Ripple published a proposed regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies Tuesday. The proposal is the company’s “vision for how existing financial regulatory frameworks can be used to advance innovation and; enhance consumer and market protections,” Ripple detailed, elaborating:

Today, we were proud to release our vision for ‘A Real Approach to Cryptocurrency Regulation;’ a framework designed to offer an immediate and pragmatic approach to cryptocurrency and digital asset regulation in the United States.

DafriBank Aims to Make DBA Africa’s No.1 Cryptocurrency

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