Since blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have emerged as the powerhouses of the next industrial revolution in recent years, Africa has made concerted efforts to ensure its inclusion in the discussion. DafriBank, a multipurpose African bank with over 200,000 customers worldwide, launches the Digital Bank of Africa (DBA) project and aims to make it Africa’s number one cryptocurrency. DBA is now listed on trading platforms such as LBank Exchange, allowing it to further expand its global influence and reach.

Introducing DafriBank

DafriBank is a multipurpose African bank that aims to make it easier and more convenient for customers to save, make payments, and manage their money and businesses from anywhere and at any time. Traditional banks are struggling to meet the demands of digitally-focused modern businesses, which has hampered their growth. DafriBank addresses this issue by offering exceptional digital banking services that are fast, secure, and cost-effective. Its goal is to democratise financial services, pull people out of the traditional banking system’s spiral, and encourage individuals and businesses to participate in and prosper in the global economic scenario.

DafriBank is used by over 200,000 customers worldwide for reasons such as no hidden fees, sophisticated security features, easy bill payment, and no delays. DafriBank accepts both personal and business accounts. Personal savings accounts assist customers in saving for financial security and peace of mind, while business accounts assist customers in managing their day-to-day banking and unique business needs such as investing, making hitch-free third-party transactions, target savings, and expediting international transactions.

DafriBank, in addition to providing exceptional existing services, is providing avenues for the integration of newer technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Digital Currency, so that it is not only up to date but also well prepared for the ever-changing future needs and requirements.

Aiming for Africa’s No.1 Crypto

According to Google Trends, African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana have all consistently ranked in the top 20 countries worldwide in cryptocurrency-related searches, demonstrating the enormous potential of crypto in Africa. However, while the popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology solutions in Africa is commendable, it leaves much to be desired. More innovative use cases to disrupt many more industries are needed to drive more widespread adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency; which are still in their infancy.

The solution devised by DafriBank is DBA; a cryptocurrency poised to become Africa’s number one cryptocurrency as a result of its growing number of African-specific use cases. DBA was created specifically to serve as an alternative currency used throughout DafriBank’s ecosystem to assist; its users in leveraging modern tools such as blockchain; and cryptocurrency to streamline banking processes. The token was later adopted as the bank’s governance token. Clients can collateralize DBA and earn interest in addition to having a say in the bank’s future decisions.

Furthermore, the token is supported by DafriGroup’s daughter companies; which operate in a variety of industries such as banking and finance, hospitality, real estate, and many others. These businesses are all based on fully developed models and are profitable even without cryptocurrency. The DBA token will be listed on LBank Exchange on November 5, 2021, at 21:00 (UTC+8). Investors interested in DBA investment can easily buy and sell DBA token on LBank Exchange.

Evolving with a firm belief

DafriBank is committed to creating an empowering, enabling, and accessible digital society that leaves no one behind. It is working to instil a culture of connectivity; digital skills, and related products in this ever-changing world in order to help close the digital divide. DafriBank also believes that connectivity and digital services have the potential to strengthen economies’ capacity. DafriBank believes that “it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness;” and it demonstrates this belief by offering banking solutions that are truly “Smart, Digital, and Borderless.”


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