News 1: Shiba Inu (SHIB) Crosses 1 Million Holders Milestone

Meme coin Shiba Inu is hell-bent on proving its dominance in space, and it has done so successfully. From being accepted as a method of payment by prominent companies such as AMC Theaters to being the first meme coin to list in South Korea, the altcoin has had a good run of it. Its community has grown tremendously in the past few months, and support has not faltered. 

Although the meme coin has suffered in terms of price, it continues to thrive in other ways. Last week, Bitcoinist reported that the digital asset was close to hitting the 1 million holders mark, with Baby Doge in hot pursuit to cross the mark first. However, Shiba Inu has proven it is the top dog as it has now surpassed the Shiba Inu crosses one million holders milestone.

News 2: JPMorgan Lists Ethereum As A Better Investment Than Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been trading on the green side this Thanksgiving morning with a 4.1% profit in the 24-hour chart.  Well, Approaching a critical resistance level, BTC’s price stands at $59,042 and could see more appreciation in the short term if it manages to flip $60k to support.

Analysts at JPMorgan recently released a report on cryptocurrencies and their potential. Although the note acknowledged the ability of Bitcoin, it also puts Ethereum ahead of the leading cryptocurrency in coming years. The report based its argument on the utility of both assets. While Bitcoin is good for its monetary policy, Ethereum has proven to be even better.

News 3: Tezos and Gitcoin Launch “Game On! Tezos” Hackathon

Tezos, an open-source blockchain platform, in collaboration with Gitcoin, invites tech builders and innovators, and novices in the platform to join them in their month-long hackathon, which started on November 18. The total price of this event goes up to $200,000 in TEZ (XTZ), the native cryptocurrency for the Tezos blockchain.

“Now’s your chance to enter the exciting world of blockchain gaming and development with @gitcoin‘s “Game on! Tezos” global hackathon.” Tezos wrote in a tweet.

News 4: MyTona is the first Russian company to dive into the Metaverse

MyTona has become the first company in Russia to announce its plans in the Metaverse sector. The Yakutsk-based game developer said in a release that the “Mytonaverse” metaverse would go live in mid-December. 

The release stated,

“The app brings communications closer to real-life interactions: in the current version, users can hold virtual meetings, travel to different social hubs (worlds), and throw metaverse parties with friends from all over the world.”

News 5: BNBMatrix: Growing Crypto On Trees With Yield Farming

Blockchain technology is solving many problems across multiple sectors of the global economy and starting a meme gold rush (Source: NBCNews) on the sidelines. But do you ever wonder if there is anything that blockchain can never do? Create liquid assets.

The very process of selling a token implies an existence of a counter-party who is willing to buy. Compared to selling stocks or bonds, trading a crypto asset is like selling a house, where it is harder to find a buyer (depending on the coin, of course).

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