Daily Crypto News- Shiba Inu Crosses 1 Million Holders Milestone

Daily Crypto News- Shiba Inu Crosses 1 Million Holders Milestone

News 1: Shiba Inu (SHIB) Crosses 1 Million Holders Milestone Meme coin Shiba Inu is hell-bent on proving its dominance in space, and it has done so successfully. From being accepted as a method of payment by prominent companies such as AMC Theaters to being the first meme coin to list in South Korea, the […]

TCX (Tron Connect) announces listing with BuyUcoin an Indian Exchange

TCX (Tron Connect) Listed on BuyUcoin

The crypto market is getting stronger day by day in India. Do you know what you really need to do right now? Explore a new coin with us! BuyUcoin will be listing new crypto that goes by the name TCX (Tron Connect). What happens after TCX (Tron Connect) is added to BuyUcoin? Here are a […]

Canada Approves CAD222B Backed Firm For Bitcoin Custody Services

Canada Approves CAD222B Backed Firm For Bitcoin Custody Services

The Investment Industry Regulatory Authority of Canada (IIROC) has approved the country’s first Bitcoin custody services.Yesterday, the regulator approved Fidelity Clearing Canada (FCC), which targets institutional investors. Canada has approved a CAD 222 billion-backed firm’s application to provide Bitcoin sale and custody services. The FCC’s request was approved by Canada’s IIROC, making it the country’s […]

Twitter Creates Team Specializing In Crypto And Decentralized Apps

Twitter Creates Team Specializing In Crypto And Decentralized Apps

Twitter is well-known for giving anyone a voice. To stay on top, the social media monster has taken a new approach, recently establishing a dedicated ‘Crypto’ team led by Tess Rinearson. She stated that the “new team is focused on crypto, blockchains, and other decentralized technologies” in the cryptocurrency world. Let’s look at what Twitter […]


Crypto Vani

If you enjoyed the ride of UPTOBER, Then MOONVEMBER Is Here To Take It To The Moon.In the overall crypto market, the combined value of all the cryptocurrencies in the world rose from $2.6 trillion on October 27 to nearly $3 trillion, according to Coinmarketcap. Most of this gain was due to the rising value […]

DafriBank Aims to Make DBA Africa’s No. 1 Cryptocurrency

DafriBank Aims to Make DBA Africa's No. 1 Cryptocurrency

Since blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have emerged as the powerhouses of the next industrial revolution in recent years, Africa has made concerted efforts to ensure its inclusion in the discussion. DafriBank, a multipurpose African bank with over 200,000 customers worldwide, launches the Digital Bank of Africa (DBA) project and aims to make it Africa’s number […]

Top 10 Indian crypto Startups in 2021: CoinDCX, CoinSwitch Kuber, BuyUcoin, and More!

TOP 10 Crypto Startups in India

In the past few months, global crypto adoption has witnessed a significant boom. The craze for digital assets is no different in India, with scores of investors putting their money in cryptocurrencies. For instance, India ranked second on the Global Crypto Adoption Index, published by market research firm Chainalysis.  Did you Know? “India’s Crypto grew […]

MicroStrategy Deepens its crypto reserves with another $240 Million purchase of Bitcoin


MicroStrategy has adhered thickly and thinly to its Bitcoin strategy. Every dip now appears to be a buying opportunity for a company that has thrown its weight entirely behind bitcoin. His CEO Michael Saylor is a maximalist who believes that Bitcoin is the future. MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment increased throughout the year to more than 100K […]

Daily Crypto News- Students Are Now Turning To Crypto To Help With School Expenses

Bitcoin (BTC) Gives A Daily Close Above the Key Resistance, $55,000 In Sight As the altcoin space is looking for some consolidation after a strong rally, Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be gaining momentum. In the last 24-hours, the world’s largest cryptocurrency has gained nearly 4% moving past $51,500 levels. Bitcoin (BTC) gained nearly 8% over […]