Why Should You Invest in Systematic Crypto Investment Plan (SCIP)?

Why Should You Invest in Systematic Crypto Investment Plan(SCIP)

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Crypto-assets have delivered the most extensive returns among all asset classes in their brief history. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a high-risk endeavor. Several experts would advise you to invest or trade in cryptocurrency with money you won’t be sorry to lose. Nonetheless, individuals continue to invest, and the crypto community in India is optimistic about the future. Even after considering all of the risks, if a person wishes to invest in cryptocurrencies, he can do so in a variety of ways. SCIP is one of them, and Indian exchanges like BuyUcoin now give it. A user can also subscribe to SCIP autonomously by purchasing cryptocurrency for a fixed amount daily or monthly and holding it in their wallet. Let’s know the reason

What Is a Systematic Crypto Investment Plan (SCIP)?

A crypto SCIP is BuyUcoin’s investment opportunity that allows investors to regularly invest modest amounts rather than significant money quantities. Even if the value of your coin suddenly plummets, a SCIP in a cryptocurrency would protect you from substantial losses.

Nobody can deny that cryptos have a high level of volatility. As a result, cautious investors choose Systematic Crypto Investment Plans (SCIP). SCIP allows you to invest a certain amount daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs.

How Does Crypto SCIP Work?

SCIP in cryptocurrency is a means of investing a defined sum in a specific coin or a bundled plan on a regular basis. It allows you to buy units on a set date each month, allowing you to create a savings strategy for yourself. An investor can invest a predetermined fixed amount in a program on a monthly or quarterly basis, whichever is more convenient for him. Subsequent SCIPs will be auto-debited via a standing instruction sent from the user’s wallet.

Why Should You Invest In SCIP?

Cryptocurrencies are among the most volatile investing products accessible. Investors are frequently influenced by their emotions. This, however, could be hazardous, and this impulsive investment may be more manageable with a SCIP.

According to industry experts, Indians have spent Rs. 15,000 crore in cryptocurrencies, with roughly 1.5 crore people, primarily the millennials,  participating in the market. By 2030, the Indian cryptocurrency market will be worth $241 million, with a global market of $2.3 billion by 2026.

Because of the enormous changes in their prices, it is critical to plan these assets’ entry and exit points. In this situation, an investment approach such as SCIP that decreases the investor’s exposure to market volatility risk is particularly beneficial. SCIP will also aid in preventing rash crypto investments. Aside from SCIP, other risk-mitigation options for investing in cryptocurrencies that are becoming popular include investing in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies or using index funds.

As a trader, who wants to participate in this market for significant returns and wants to be secure, you can begin SCIPs in them or buy low-valued cryptos. Investors can maximize asset allocation by regularly investing in cryptocurrencies in a disciplined manner through Crypto SCIP.

In Short – Why SCIP?

  • Averaging Rupee Prices: The Price in Rupees The averaging feature of Crypto SCIP is unusual in that you end up buying more units when the market is down. This is due to the core characteristic of SCIP, in which you will buy more and begin your SCIP in bitcoin at every market downturn. This not only decreases your investment costs but also leads to enormous benefits. It helps to eliminate the “timing” factor, and if you regularly invest, regardless of market level, you may earn more significant potential returns.
  • Compounding: Because of the power of compounding, saving a tiny amount of money regularly over a long period may have an exponential impact on your investment.
  • No need to time the market: When it comes to market timing, one might miss the greater rise and stay out while markets are doing well, or one can enter at the wrong time when valuations have peaked, or markets are on the verge of collapsing. Rather than trying to time the market, investing every month ensures that one is invested at both the high and low points, allowing one to make the most of an opportunity that may be difficult to forecast in advance.
  • Reduced load on the wallet: ¬†BuyUcoin is offering SCIP options at rates as low as INR 1000, even individuals who are just beginning their investing journey and do not have a big amount of money can readily invest in Crypto.

Advantage of investing in cryptocurrency via SCIP

A SCIP (in crypto) can perform remarkable feats. SCIP investment is always a wise option. 

  • Financial Discipline: Because SCIPs are consistent, they foster financial discipline. It encourages forced savings and helps you develop a nest egg without compromising your lifestyle.
  • Flexibility: SCIPs provide you with additional investing flexibility. You can change your monthly investment amount at any time.
  • Convenience: SCIPs are a straightforward method to invest. With a one-time set of instructions, it’s simple to do online. Your SCIPs will start collecting automatically.
  • Lower Capital Risk: Investing in lump quantities may expose you to higher capital risk. A SCIP spreads your investment across time, minimizing your financial risk and allowing you to manage volatility better.

The secret of Achieving Significantly More with SCIP

  • Please make a list of your dreams and goals, then devise a plan to attain them through SCIP.
  • Determine the monthly/quarterly SCIP required to meet your objectives.
  • Identify the assets in which you want to invest and complete the SCIP investment procedures.
  • Invest over the long term because of the dual benefits of compounding and dollar-cost averaging work across market cycles.
  • Diversify your investments towards your aspirations by setting up multiple SCIPs in various assets to maximise returns based on your needs.

Begin Your Bitcoin SCIP Now With BuyUcoin

Start crypto SCIP in minutes with flexible options for leading cryptocurrencies beginning at INR 1000. Earn extra money without having to worry about market volatility. 

  • Sign up and use your email address to register. Verify your email address and mobile number. 
  • Complete your KYC requirements and get your account validated. A KYC picture of your PAN and mobile number linked with Aadhar is needed. 
  • Link Your Bank Account with BuyUcoin Digital Wallet.
  • Choose the best crypto SCIP strategy for yourself and invest in your desired plan with confidence and begin your Crypto SCIP.

Why Should You Choose BuyUcoin?

  • BuyUcoin provides an industry-first Crypto SCIP with Bundles Plans that include more than ten cryptocurrencies, with plans beginning at INR 1000.
  • SCIP via package plans with popular crypto assets to enable extreme flexibility.
  • Around the site and app, there is 24/7 standby assistance with a callback option.
  • There are many levels of protection on the app, including 2FA authentication and access through Trading PIN and fingerprint.
  • In only a few minutes, you can create your cryptocurrency SCIP.


In the aftermath of the epidemic, the cryptocurrency market has experienced extraordinary growth as Indians hunt for new means of income in these uncertain times. In 2021 alone, more than ten million new investors began trading and investing in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as a new asset class with high investment potential. The substantial profits on cryptocurrency may entice new investors, but they should be mindful of the additional risks they offer. Based on their risk tolerance, investors should invest in either after assessing the risk-return trade-off.

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