Limoverse: Earn with your Personal Fitness Data and Workouts on The Blockchain

Limoverse earn for your fitness and health

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The theme of the future has always been central to Metaverse. Limoverse is a Metaverse where people may live, interact, heal, and recuperate while still contributing to the world beyond the metaverse. It’s become a buzzword in the business, with corporations like Facebook emphasizing it. For years, the founder, Sajeev Nair, has claimed that Metaverse will be the next big thing. Limoverse Token was developed as a result of a considerable study into all elements of health and wellbeing. In a word, overcoming time and location as hurdles to connecting to anything requires a creative technique.

The fitness and medical sector, such as Lemoverse, have embraced technology, and it’s fair to assume that they will continue to do so in the future to improve fitness. There’s always something new in the realm of sports and fitness, from improved apparel and gear to fitness monitors and metric performance monitoring. As a result, it’s no wonder that fitness and cryptocurrencies are collaborating to get you motivated to burn calories and earn cryptocurrency.

If you’re interested in a “burn and earn” approach to exercise, take a look at some of the crypto fitness initiatives presently under development.

The Right Token To Upgraded Life

By 2026, the Metaverse market is anticipated to be worth $41.62 billion. The phrase ‘Metaverse,’ coined by science fiction novelist Neal Stephenson in 1994, has become a catchphrase in the business. Limoverse is a forerunner in this realm of health and wellbeing. Limoverse is receiving a new generation touch thanks to Sajeev Nair, the co-founder, and entrepreneur who is a famous wellness evangelist and peak performance consultant.

The second edition of this worldwide recognized event, Crypto Expo Dubai 2022, was recently held in Dubai. In India, the new Blockchain in Healthcare-based metaverse was named the ‘Best Blockchain Project 2022’ during this two-day event that included over one hundred new blockchain initiatives.

Limoverse Token has been launched as a blockchain-based healthcare metaverse and a decentralized initiative based on Web 3.0 architecture. Limoverse’s upcoming Virtual & Augmented Reality platform allows independent health and wellness specialists to provide their services to health seekers from all over the world. Transactions will be facilitated by Limo, the native cryptocurrency of this blockchain initiative.

Tremendous Opportunity For Health Industry

Despite being thousands of kilometres apart, all of the experts and masters will be sharing their perspectives on subtleties, engaging directly with the investigator, and engaging in study activities. Limoverse will also have live sessions, augmented reality, and cutting-edge technologies that will light people’s thinking. The Masters can be given LIMO Tokens. These are assets that may be gained by accessing Limoverse and engaging actively in the ecosystem.

Limoverse Token is a tremendous opportunity to connect all of these health and wellness practitioners and organizations together in one decentralized ecosystem, where practitioners may give highly personalized solutions to clients who grant them access to their data. This ecosystem was built on Blockchain in Healthcare to ensure high levels of protection for customers’ sensitive health data and to give practitioners a decentralized environment.

Consider a doctor or researcher doing advanced meditation research at a foreign institution. They would want to learn more about ancient science, meditation practice, and its practical applications from a live expert who has experienced it for many years. Rather than listening to general speeches and unspecified information on the internet that may or may not be relevant for their deep study work, users may directly contact domain doyens in Limoverse. Limoverse also includes live sessions, augmented reality, and cutting-edge technology that will allow brains to be illuminated.

The Inspiration Behind such an Innovative Intervention

They have motivated individuals to take control of their own biology. He developed Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification, a highly scientific method for hacking one’s own body and mind (EPLIMO). To generate the EPLIMO report, the data is connected using AI. Many health and wellness practitioners have found this technique to be quite beneficial in personalizing their services. A nutritionist may use the EPLIMO to build a highly individualized food plan, a fitness trainer can personalize the workouts, and a medical specialist can use the same information to generate personalized medicine.


The first phase has been launched in the last week of December, and the second phase will be launched in April 2022, with a fully working Limoverse ecosystem and Blockchain in Healthcare. Keep up to date with Limoverse. View your most recent LIMO Tokens pricing in India. This is a global platform connecting health seekers and wellness providers from various health & wellness systems.


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