Limoverse:  A New Blockchain-Based Metaverse for Health Lovers

Limoverse - A blockchain based metaverse platform for health lovers

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Ever wonder about consulting a doctor in virtual reality while sitting at home. Limoverse is one such platform with provides a metaverse space for the users based on blockchain where you can consult your issues with health experts all in virtual reality and earn daily.

Health is wealth is an old adage, even after knowing it for so many years, how many of us are taking it in a serious way. In fact, we all get health in the process of creating wealth. As a result, this health, called wealth, depreciates over time and we become unhealthy and broke. Imagine, this old proverb becoming reality.  Health is not just wealth, it becomes a valuable asset that depreciates over time.

Limoverse – A Metaverse Space for Health Lovers

LIMOVERSE is a metaverse based on blockchain technology, which supports people to take full charge of their health using education, tools, services, and products so that they can live a long healthy and productive life.

This ecosystem is designed on blockchain to ensure high levels of security for customers’ personal health data and provide a decentralized environment for practitioners. The use of the blockchain will greatly enhance the release of medical innovation, as it is possible to deliver medical information securely without evacuation. Moreover, it brings health seekers, doctors,  physicians, medical specialists, psychologists, counsellors, gym trainers, dieticians and for that matter, everyone who belongs from the healthcare industry to offer its services to millions of Limoverse users. In addition to that, health and wellness practitioners can expand their presence around the world and increase their earnings along with the distinction.

For example, Limoverse attempts to explain how a single hospital bill for a serious illness could cost the entire middle-class family savings and cause them trouble, on the other hand, LIMOVERSE ensures how a wellness ecosystem can not only keep a lot of illnesses at bay but also financially rewards its users by being physically active and staying healthy.

Undoubtedly, this unique use case of Limoverse gives new meaning to the old adage “Health is wealth”.

So, instead of storing information in a central database that might get corrupted or changed, what if we had a decentralised database where every patient could identify themselves and store their health information. At the time of the visit to the hospital, there is a need to share health information, say if you have a mobile phone, they might ask for treatment but needs more information and one just have to go through the application and share the same information that is stored in a decentralized and immutable database. In doing so, privacy will also be preserved. In short, as a patient, you can use a public or private blockchain to grant access and make changes to it. No one wants to share their health information with others, and this problem can be solved with the help of the blockchain network. Similarly, on limoverse, you can share your health data like DNA reports and highly qualified health experts can give you medical assistance in advance before any disease gets to you, securing your future in a healthy way.

How to Earn LIMO token : 

That is the charm of Limovere. They offer utility tokens used within Limovere and would be a powerful utility token to power this ecosystem, which will be soon traded on exchanges after listing and thus the opportunity to become a huge crypto asset. Anyone can join Limoverse now by downloading its Android app from the Google Playstore. Exciting rewards await those who download the app during this introductory period.

You can earn LIMO Token by spending time on exercise, sharing knowledge and supporting skills to improve the ecosystem. One can get rewarded for LIMO tokens by even sharing this health data with trusted universities and researchers.

Limoverse is a blockchain-based platform with its utility coin i.e. LIMO Token. You can also buy Limo Token by trading at the BuyUcoin Platform at the best price in India.

Another way to make LIMO in Limoverse is through its gamification services, where users can play fitness tasks based on wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit, Smart Watch, etc., and win Limo tokens in return.

NOTE: Earned Limo tokens will be added to the Limoverse app under Sweat Pool.

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