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Trading Etherlite or ETL is a five-step procedure. Digital wallet creation and registration is th efirst step. After the creation of digital wallet you must complete the KYC process. Next step include Google 2-Step Verification, followed by entering bank credentials, before they can begin trading or investing in Etherlite.

Etherlite Coin (ETL) Brief Introduction

EtherLite is a blockchain platform designed to maximize productivity by enabling fast, safe, and cost-effective environment for developing and deploying various Business Logics such as Smart Contracts and DApps. It is completely compatible with Ethereum’s tools and Web3 technology stacks, and it also employs the PoS consensus method.

EtherLite’s network native token is ETL. ETL Token is used for network governance and charge payment. Participate in ETL trading and become a part of EtherLite.

Features of EtherLite

Web3 compatibility: Ethereum’s web3.js interface API is completely compatible with EtherLite. Simply put, it indicates that the website or service communicates with the Ethereum network. Web3 aims to empower people and harness the value they generate. Web3 apps, often regared as DApps, are developed on a decentralized peer-to-peer network such as Ethereum or IPFS. These networks are established, operated, and maintained by its users rather than by a firm. They are self-organizing and do not have a single point of failure.

High throughput: As previously said, Proof-Of-Work necessitates a significant amount of resources and energy; whereas Proof of authority is reserved for private blockchains. As a result of EtherLite’s Proof of Stake mechanism, it is a highly scalable solution. Etherlite’s POS system also allows for extremely rapid block times of 3s.

EVM Compatible: EVM is an abbreviation for Ethereum Virtual Machine. Virtual machines will essentially establish a layer of abstraction between the code and the machine that is running. This layer will promote software portability while also ensuring that apps are segregated from one another and from their host.

Reduced Cost for Developing Smart Contracts: Etherlite can make use of existing Ethereum smart contracts and infrastructure. Developers may transfer their existing Ethereum-based DApps in minutes, significantly improving performance and cutting expenses.

Etherlite Team

Carsten Henske

Mr. Carsten Henske is the board member of the EtherLite Foundation. He is aslo the Managing Director of Henske Sohn, Cie. GmbH tax consulting company,, managing director of Henske Fahrenholz.

Prince Albert Von Anhalt

H.H. Prince of Anhalt is a Wealth Manager, COB Entrepreneur, CEO, and President of a number of businesses. He skillfully evaluates markets, identifies high-return sectors, and develops sales plans.

Alex Lam

Advisor EtherLite Foundation, Chief Executive Officer at RockX

Ariane Cardoso

Ariane has led projects in various locations, developing high-performing teams that produce successful product releases in multi-national settings. Her previous experience at Amazon UK was where she first became acquainted with the world of Blockchain.

Tairan Song

EtherLite’s Development Contributor, Contributed to the team’s establishment of the chain’s primary architecture and was responsible for some essential code development. Aix Industry (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.’s Technical Vice President.

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