Crypto Should Be Used to Boost Democracy, Not Harm It – PM Modi Says

Crypto Should Be Used to Boost Democracy, Not Harm It - PM Modi Says

The Crypto Bill; which could regulate cryptocurrency trading in India, is scheduled to be introduced in the Parliament following Cabinet approval.  PM Modi said that the latest technologies, such as cryptocurrency, can strengthen democracy, not undermine it. Politicians in India are concerned that unregulated transactions using digital currencies could harm the stability of financial and […]

Trade Ripple in India – The Digital Currency For the Bank

Trade Ripple in India

The cryptocurrency that was started for a limited group and discussed in close communities in different pockets of the world now has become a global phenomenon with a market cap of $1.94 Trillion. You cannot ignore crypto as the reality and future of transactions. Ripple is a money transfer network that was created to meet […]

Etherlite Coin (ETL) is now LIVE for Trading on BuyUcoin

Etherlite Coin (ETL)

BuyUcoin lists EtherLite Coin (ETL) on its platform, providing seamless and smooth trading for ETL-INR and ETL – USDT pairs on its platform. Traders can now Buy ETL in India from BuyUCoin and check the Etherlite price in India with live trading charts and real-time market prices. Trading Etherlite or ETL is a five-step procedure. […]

How to Trade Cryptocurrency in India?

How to trade cryptocurrency in India

In India, cryptocurrency is a relatively new notion, and trading in it is not widely known. Nonetheless, people have jumped on the crypto bandwagon, primarily because of the high returns it provides. Since the launch of Bitcoin in January 2009, cryptocurrency has become a more viable alternative to traditional, government-issued money.  Unlike trading in shares […]