Google and Bakkt have teamed up to bring Google Pay to cryptocurrency users

Bakkt has formed another another agreement to increase the number of cryptocurrency payment methods available. It’s with Google Cloud this time. Bakkt, a digital asset marketplace, has teamed up with Google to make cryptocurrencies more accessible. Google and bakkt have teamed up to bring Google pay to cryptocurrency users. As a result, consumers will be able to add their Bakkt Visa Debit Card to Google Pay in the near future..

DeFi picks up the pace as alternate blockchains and NFTs boom

The cryptocurrency markets recovered handsomely from the so-called “September curse” by the end of September, reaching a market capitalization of $2.32 trillion. The decentralised finance (DeFi) market has played a key role in this expansion. According to Dappradar statistics, the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi protocols increased by more than 20% from $113.5 billion on September 28 to $137 billion on October 6.

Chain Link has a lot of upside, but are there also good entry points

Chainlink(LINK), the 15th most valuable alt, has likewise seen its price remain quite stable. While the alt’s long-term prospects appeared promising, market confidence in the alt appeared to be inadequate. Chain Link was one of the top five crypto-assets in the industry in the fourth quarter of 2020. Many altcoins rose in value as a result of the Defi explosion, but LINK’s growth was modest in comparison to the market.

Q4 might see ‘parabolic movements in all of crypto’ if Bitcoin approaches $60,000.

Bitcoin(BTC) went past the psychologically critical $50,000 level earlier this week for the first time in a month, forcing many investors to refocus their attention on the top cryptocurrency. The recent return of interest in bitcoin has resulted in increased trade volumes as well as huge whale actions.

U.S. Government Drafts Unified Crypto Oversight Plan

The Biden administration may develop a uniform regulatory strategy for all federal agencies. According to Bloomberg, the order directs federal authorities to investigate several aspects of the bitcoin business and provide recommendations in certain areas.

Spin The Wheel of Fortune- Indian Crypto Fest

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