Are you also getting bored with 9 to 5 jobs, booking tickets for homecoming during the festival, or is the budget getting spoiled due to fest shopping?.

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Holiday Season is the most awaited time of the year for everyone. The final quarter of the year has always remained exciting. The shopping fever will be at its peak during the upcoming three months.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune - Indian Crypto Fest 2021 wheres my money nate wheres my money memecrunch com so wheres 53276171 | BuyUcoin

Money crunch is the issue –

No need to worry now!!!

Keeping all your tension in mind and to make the upcoming festive season more memorable and exciting – BuyUcoin “ India’s own crypto-trading platform” is bringing Indian Crypto Fest with prizes worth 10 lakhs. So what’s the delay, take advantage of this opportunity. Celebrate this Festive season with Buyucoin and we will take care of your smile.

Spin the wheel of fortune is part of Indian Crypto Fest that can change your luck with one click as with every spin there are assured prizes. 

Spin the Wheel of Fortune - Indian Crypto Fest 2021 onlywheel2win | BuyUcoin

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Visit our page daily and win prizes! Spin the wheel of fortune to see if the Crypto odds are in your favor. This crypto picker wheel spins and selects a reward for you at random. It’s both entertaining and fun! Simply enter your inputs, spin the wheel, and you’ll get an assured reward. 

How to use this?

Spinner wheel can be used for many different purposes, but today we are using it for crypto. spin the wheel and see the result. 


Step2: Click on the wheel to open a popup (Wait if not loaded)

Step3: Enter email and get a chance to spin the wheel.

Step4: After Spin you will be redirected to the signup page with the COUPON code installed.

Step5: For existing users, use the same code in the rewards section

How to Redeem Coupon Code?

Step1:  Scratch Coupon Codes

Step 2: Visit

Step 3: SignUp/Login on BuyUcoin 

Step 4: Go to Rewards Sections

Step 5: Enter the Coupon Code and Click on Redeem

Step 6: Share with your friends and earn more

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