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Despite a stagnant global cryptocurrency market, Cosmos has reached an all-time high

Cosmos (ATOM) blew up 10.74% overnight to set a new price of $39.58, according to crypto data aggregator Nomics, despite the fact that crypto’s total global market cap of $2.51 trillion has barely moved in the last twenty-four hours. Cosmos broke the $40 barrier Wednesday, reaching an all-time high of $40.76.

Bitcoin will not experience a ‘pity bounce’ before exploding to $64,000 and higher

Following the disaster of September 7th, Bitcoin(BTC) has been steadily regaining ground on the price charts. Within two weeks, the king coin’s valuation rose from $42.8k to $48k. Surprisingly, at the time of writing, Bitcoin was the only coin with a positive weekly RoI. If there isn’t much drama over there in the coming days; Bitcoin’s rally to pre-set highs, including $64k, should be very serene.

ALGO is at a 27-month high as Skybridge Capital announces a $100 million fund

The Algorand cryptocurrency surged to a new 27-month high of $2.20 after SkyBridge Capital CEO Anthony Scaramucci announced the launch of the Algorand fund. ALGO was trading at $2.49 on September 9, up 630% year to date. It reached its all-time high in June 2019, topping $3.

BTC is now accepted as payment by a major New York real estate company

Magnum Real Estate is accepting a $29 million Bitcoin payment for a three-store retail condominium location; making it the first large income-producing real estate investment opportunity in the United States for Bitcoin investors. The skyscraper at 385 First Avenue on Manhattan’s East Side comprises turnkey retail apartments.

According to the CCPC survey, one out of every ten Irish investors owns cryptocurrency

Investors in Ireland are drawn to cryptocurrencies and digital assets that provide higher returns than other traditional investing channels. According to the research; 11% of Irish investors have already purchased digital assets; while a quarter of the young Irish population is banking on cryptocurrencies and has invested in them.

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