Crypto Vani Episode 5: HBAR, LUNA and COTI Price Prediction


At the start of the year 2021, it is noticeable that many altcoins have geared up and soared up in their price. Hedera Hashgraph surprises the crypto world with its performance. HBAR has had a growth rate of over 600% in the past 12 months. 

HBAR is an open review consensus algorithm. It is a public distributed ledger technology (DLT) network that enables people to interact and transact online efficiently and securely without the need for third-party. 

It’s intended to be a more efficient system that overcomes some of the drawbacks of prior blockchain-based platforms, such as poor performance and instability.

Hedera’s native network cryptocurrency is HBAR Coin and it’s used as network fuel to pay for transaction fees and for in-application payment and micropayment business models. Because Hedera Hashgraph is a proof-of-stake network, it’s also used for network security.

Hedera Hashgraph Crypto solves all the same problems that a blockchain does but in a different manner. Hedera Hashgraph is making a name for itself as an Ethereum competitor. The Hedera crypto blockchain, not built upon Ethereum, has its own code that can close blockchain transactions at high speeds and lower costs.

So, does this mean HBAR is better than BITCOIN & ETHEREUM?

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Fast transaction, minimal fees, and a secure network. What more could you ask for?

According to trading data on CoinMarketCap, the HBAR price is now around $0.36, ranking #38, and a market cap of about $12 billion.

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HBAR coin price gets its support from the 50-day EMA and from the support trend-line. After dipping 11% HBAR got its support from the support trend and today HBAR has gained +4.21%. If market sentiments remain bullish, HBAR can reach towards $0.43 to the next resistance, and if bulls remain in the majority the $0.43 resistance can turn into support. 

Resistance Levels: $0.5700, $0.5000,0.432

Support Levels: $0.3000, $0.3459, $0.2500

The HBAR coin shows a consecutive rally of higher highs and lower highs. Concerning the EMAs, the HBAR coin price is trading above the crucial EMA of 50, 100, and 200, indicating a bullish trend in this chart. Moreover, the 50 EMA line provides strong support to the HBAR price.

The RSI value is at 50, indicating a neutral sentiment in this coin.

This is the time to buy the Dip. Traders must keep an eye on market movements, as they may have an impact on the HBAR price. However, HBAR prices may ride higher as they have strong fundamentals. A little spark is needed for HBAR to reach its ATH as HBAR has a lot of potentials to achieve new highs. 


TERRA is a proof of stake blockchain, intended to maximize the potential of crypto.

The Terra network is powered by a family of stablecoins, each pegged to major fiat currencies all stabilized by Terra’s native token, Luna in order to offer price stability in the system.

Most stable coins are pegged to US Dollars, neglecting the rest of the world. Introducing TERRA, TERRA protocol issues many stable coins each pegged to the country currencies 

UST pegged to USD, KRT to Korean WON. TERRA stable coins are easier to spend and they can easily be sent anywhere instantly with very low fees and with no bank limits.

Terra is a collection of programmable, digital global currencies that anybody can use to trade, save, and develop. 

For every transaction of stable coins whether in UST, KRT, or any of TERRA world currencies a small transaction fee is paid out to LUNA stakeholders. More and more people use TERRA blockchain stable coins, LUNA stakeholders earn more fees making LUNA more valuable.

With all these actions, we can say that Terra has come a long way in developing its technology throughout the years.

Terra LUNA technical analysis 

TERRA remains to be one of the most aggressive cryptocurrencies nowadays with a market capitalization of 17,771,481,500 according to the coinmarketcap. It ranks as one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap.

Weekly Price Prediction - HBAR, LUNA and COTI yHzTP7E8vtSjP 6fTIxBTa2wkfpTGsDzlua5q Ot0Zx dekjlg40E | BuyUcoin

In the above chart, LUNA/USDT is moving in the ascending parallel channel since the beginning of August indicating an overall uptrend luna has turned quite bullish since August, increasing from $5 to $54. There have been lower flights, but buyers have jumped in after every pullback and the bullish trend continues. So far LUNA has been defending its market position against the Bear. 

LUNA/USDT moving around the lower boundary of their parallel channel. If bulls remain in advantage, it may get their support and rally towards the upper boundary around $54. 

Furthermore, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 43. The negative divergence on the RSI could be a short-term correction. If you are planning for the long term Terra looks encouraging, as the coin is planning for expansion and more security upgrades.

According to the fundamental study, LUNA has a huge potential to reach new paths. According to crypto investors, LUNA can hit the above $100 mark by the end of 2021. 


COTI is the “Currency Of the Internet” 

It represents the next generation of digital currencies. This is the currency and a payment platform that is easier, transparent, trustworthy, instant, and scalable. It has developed a payment transaction network that can vastly improve the online payment experience. 

COTI is a platform that is said to be the world’s very first blockchain protocol that has been specifically optimized for decentralized payments along with digitalizing any virtual currency in order to save money as well as time.

The first application of COTI is COTI Pay. COTI Pay is the MainNet wallet moving forward and includes support for multiple assets and unique abilities. The ecosystem is built specifically to overcome all the challenges associated with traditional finance, such as latency, fees, and risks. 

COTI Technical analysis

At the time of writing, COTI trades at $0.43 with a market cap of $378,260,435. The price of COTI has increased by 3.40%.

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COTI has formed a double top pattern, as the double top pattern is a chart reversal pattern.

In October after touching the double top pattern neckline it retraces towards the support line i.e $ 0.4797 and again retraces towards the neckline i.e 0.68 due to this pattern formation of the bearish trend is there. As we can see today there was a positive sentiment in the market which resulted in a gain of 3.46%. It is also getting its support from the $0.4128 level. 

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is close to 38, which means that COTI is in an oversold state. Hence, this may lead to a price reversal at any time. This is a good time to buy COTI  as bulls are again trying to take control of the market.

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