The NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2022 has observed developments at the start of 2022. Over the previous seven days, NEAR has grown more than any other top 50 coins. NEAR has increased by 51% since January 10th. On the other hand, Bitcoin gained 3.6 per cent in the same period.

Let’s Examine NEAR Protocol’s Technical Movement:

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2022

A similar pattern has emerged in the previous week. Near Protocol has increased by 34%, while Bitcoin and Ethereum have increased by 2.71 and 4.95 per cent, respectively. Cardano (ADA), the only top 50 rated crypto asset that came close to NEAR’s fast growth, is up just over 30% in the previous seven days.

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Near price is currently trading around $12.56 near its support and above the 200-day moving average. RSI still depicts neutral sentiment as it is near the middle 50 level. It can rally towards $14 towards the next resistance level.

Since December, the NEAR Protocol has risen from 40th to 23rd in market capitalization, surpassing the market to hit a new all-time high of $20.42.

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