No Fees on Crypto Withdrawals in India

No Fees on Crypto Withdrawals in India | Now Exchange Cryptocurrencies with 0% Fees.

Great news for all the BuyUcoin users! Now Enjoy free cryptocurrency withdrawals on our platform!

As of 27th September 2021, all the users will be able to withdraw cryptocurrencies from one BuyUcoin Crypto Wallet to another BuyUcoin Crypto Wallet at zero network fees.

What’s the benefit for Users?

On BuyUcoin Web/App you can withdraw/transfer your crypto assets with other BuyUcoin users for zero network fees.

It’s like a barter system with no hidden charges!!!

How to connect with other BuyUcoin Users? Very simple!

Connect with Other BuyUCoin Users through Telegram Group/Self-Peer Setup and fulfill each other ask. Use BuyUcoin Crypto Wallets to Transfer Funds at 0% Fees with no other hidden charges.

BuyUcoin has kept on building, providing seamless solutions for Indian traders such as:

  • Buying, selling cryptocurrencies, and creating your SIP Plans.
  • Withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the platform for free.
  • Cross-Platform Interface: Web-platform and Mobile App on Both Android & iOS
  • Free Crypto deposit with no limit.
  • High security. Cryptocurrency is not debited from the wallet until the transaction is successfully completed and confirmed by both parties.
  • No strict KYC policy. You do not need to pass verification on the platform to participate in cryptocurrency trading.

It’s really a unique opportunity for all Indian users. And we want to provide the best conditions.

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Does Free Withdrawal Work on INR Wallet?

No, The Offer Applies only on Crypto Wallets

Can I withdraw for Free on Any Exchange?

No, The Offer Applies only to BuyUcoin Users holding Crypto Wallets.

What is the Minimum Amount Required for Free Withdrawals?

The minimum amount varies as per the cryptocurrency. Kindly Check the Minimum Withdrawal Amount/token required to Avail of the Offer at

Is the Offer for Limited Period Only?

No, BuyUcoin has launched this product for seamless experience among its traders and there is no such Period defined. Enjoy till it Last!

How To Claim Free Withdrawals?

Signup/Login at BuyUcoin, Buy/Sell Crypto & Visit Wallet to Withdraw, Enter Another user BuyUcoin Crypto Wallet Address of Respective Cryptocurrency & Withdraw at 0% Fees.

How Many Times Can I Do Free Withdrawal in a Day?

Unlimited Times! Now Withdraw between BuyUcoin Crypto Wallets with unlimited times at 0% Fees.


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