Microstrategy Purchases 1,914 Bitcoin, Bringing Its Total Cryptocurrency Holdings To More Than $6 Billion

A business analytics firm, MicroStrategy purchases 1,914 Bitcoin between December 9 and December 29 for $94.2 million, bringing its total holdings to 124,391 BTC, according to a Thursday filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

With the current acquisition, the company’s interests are valued at over $5.9 billion, indicating a gain of more than $2.1 billion. MicroStrategy has added $94 million in Bitcoin (BTC) to its portfolio after acquiring the crypto asset at an average price of $49,229.

MicroStrategy has purchased more than $3.7 billion in Bitcoin in separate purchases using the company’s cash on hand; in addition to sales of senior convertible notes in private offers to institutional purchasers; after its initial $250-million Bitcoin investment in August 2020. 

Though there have been instances where the business intelligence organisation purchased the dip, several purchases were made following price increases in early 2021 when the BTC price was more than $50,000.

Bitcoin Investment Vehicles Surpass The 140k BTC Mark In 2021

According to Arcane Research‘s most recent weekly analysis, various investment entities currently own 140k BTC more than they did last year. ETFs now account for 10% of all fund holdings in the market.

An “exchange-traded fund” (or ETF) is a financial instrument that follows the price of another asset or commodity. A Bitcoin ETF, for example, tracks the value of the coin.

This implies that, by utilising an ETF, investors may speculate on the price of Bitcoin without really holding the cryptocurrency.

These exchange-traded funds were not accessible in the Bitcoin market until this year; but owing to the maturing industry, financial regulators in some countries, like the United States, chose to accept them.

If you’re wondering why some investors prefer to invest in an ETF rather than directly purchase Bitcoin, there might be a few reasons.

The first benefit is that investors unfamiliar with the Bitcoin sector no longer need to negotiate cryptocurrency exchanges and the like. ETFs are well-known to many investors, so it is reasonable to seek them out.

Another advantage is that these futures-based ETFs allow investors to bet on price movements in either direction. This means that investors can opt to go long or short on the price of Bitcoin.

A 12-year Old Mensa Member Tells His Parents that He Wants Crypto for Christmas

A British child who supposedly had two Christmas wishes — an IQ test and a cryptocurrency portfolio reportedly had both requests granted by his parents.

According to a story published on December 25 by Cointelegraph, Barnaby Swinburn, a British youngster from Bristol, England, “had asked for two Christmas presents; a Mensa exam for measuring his IQ and a Bitcoin portfolio.”

Ghislaine, Barnaby’s mother, had this to say about her son’s interest in the markets:

He’s been watching the markets. He’ll be getting an envelope with money in it for Christmas which he’ll turn into cryptocurrency.

India Might Become A Significant Player In The Cryptocurrency Market: CoinStore

This year has seen a surge in cryptocurrency investment worldwide, with India being no exception. According to recent research, the world’s second-most populous country is poised to be a significant player in the global crypto market.

Coinstore’s daily traded volume has increased dramatically since it began active operations in June 2021; rising to $40 million per day from $10,000 previously.

The exchange has witnessed rapid expansion from Asian and African nations, which account for around 70% of its user base; and India accounts for one-fifth of all users.

NFT Kochi Was Launched On December 18, Making It A Momentous Day for All NFT Enthusiasts in India

The NFT Kochi conference is India’s first international NFT conference. NFT Kochi, a southern coastal city, hosted an NFT Conference, an NFT Art Exhibit, and an NFT Festival on December 18, 2021.

Kunal Kapoor (Actor, Producer) founded NFT Kochi 2021. The keynote lecture was given by John M Thomas, CEO of Kerala State IT Parks (Technopark / Infopark / Cyberpark); who discussed blockchain and NFT technologies. The welcoming talk was given by James Laz, who discussed the concept for NFT Kochi; which is a merger of art and aspects of an old culture into the Blockchain and the Metaverse.

Daze India, Colours of India NFT, Utopian Dystopia, and NFTMalayali are among the community partners of NFT Kochi. The event will be available in the metaverse as a digital art exhibition; and it will bring local and international NFT talent and artists to an international metaverse stage. All NFT Kochi sessions will be made accessible for public viewing online soon.

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