News1 :IDEX to launch hybrid liquidity decentralized exchange on Polygon

IDEX, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) based in San Francisco, has announced the upcoming launch of its v3 Hybrid Liquidity DEX on Polygon.

The hybrid model will merge traditional order book functionalities with automated market maker (AMM) liquidity pools to cultivate higher financial returns for the services liquidity providers and provide specific investing tools such as stop-losses, limit orders, and real-time execution.

News 2: Virtual land in the Metaverse dominated NFT sales over past week

Based on NFT and Metaverse sales over the past week, the demand for digital land outpaced all other items, art, and collections.

Digital land is in high demand in what is already a highly lucrative market; as the past week’s NFT and Metaverse sales figures revealed.

Data from the industry metrics platform; NonFungible, indicates that there have been more than $300 million in NFT sales over the past week. Of that total, almost a quarter have been for digital land in the Sandbox Metaverse. 

News 3: Cardano Project Flickto Surpasses 1.5 Million ADA Staked One Month After Launch

The project is revolutionizing the way that media financing is carried out. Flickto uses the ISPO pool to fund projects through community partnerships. The media launchpad provides creators with the funding they need to produce their content while simultaneously providing users the ability to earn passive income through distribution royalties after the projects are completed.

Users can stake and earn rewards by staking their ADA and making Flickto’s native token  FLICK. Staking with FLICK tokens gives the user the right to vote for the projects they would like to see funded. Then when the broader community approves the projects via voting with staked FLICK tokens; financing is provided until the project is distributed. At which point, users will start earning royalties.

News 4: Decentralized exchange aggregator trading volumes surge to new highs

Over the past few weeks, trading volumes on popular decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators have surged to new highs.

According to Dune analytics; popular DEX aggregators such as 1inch, 0x, and Paraswap have seen volumes surging over the past month. The combined volume for those three hit a cumulative weekly all-time high of $6 billion last week, increasing by around 50% since the beginning of November.

News 5: Calls For Tesla To Resume Bitcoin Payments As Mining Reaches 57% Renewable Energy

Bitcoin mining energy consumption has been one of the most addressed issues in the crypto space. Concerns over its energy consumption and environmental impact had been reasons cited during the China crackdown that; saw miners exit out of the region masse. The once bitcoin mining capital of the world had seen its hashrate crumble to zero following this move.

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