Daily Crypto News-Dogecoin and Ether rank in top 10 news searches on Google in 2021

Daily Crypto News-Dogecoin and Ether rank in top 10 news searches on Google in 2021

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News 1: Dogecoin and Ether rank in top 10 news searches on Google in 2021

On Tuesday, Google released its definitive annual list of the top searches for the year, breaking them into several categories, including searches, news, people, games, movies and others.

According to Google Trends’ “Year in Search 2021,” Dogecoin was ranked the fourth most popular news search term on Google in 2021, both globally and separately in the United States. Similarly, News related to the query “Ethereum Price” was ranked 10th.

News 2: Shiba Inu Competitor Floki Partnered with Biggest Football Club in Russia

Spartak Moscow’s public relations manager stated that the club is looking forward to the future and opening up new possibilities for partnerships. “Spartak” has decided to collaborate with an innovative digital platform that numerous sports brands are already trusting.

The partnership includes the placement of the Floki logo on the team’s jerseys; LED panels on the field and additional marketing events that will promote one of the largest Shiba Inu competitors.

News 3:Visa launches global crypto advisory service for banks, merchants.

On Wednesday, Visa Inc, the world’s largest payment processor; launched a global crypto advisory service for clients such as banks and; merchants as the adoption of digital currencies gains steam.

The move by Visa comes against the backdrop of unprecedented investor demand for crypto services; and the company’s latest offering is geared towards financial institutions eager to attract or retain customers with a crypto offering; retailers looking to delve into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or central banks exploring digital currencies.

News 4: Despite Red Bitcoin, On-Chain Signals Flip Green

Bitcoin on-chain signals have remained green despite the recent red week. Bitcoin’s price; had taken a plunge towards $40K and had brought a lot of losses with it as billions of dollars in long positions were liquidated on December 4th in one of the sharpest declines of the year. Mainly this has brought down some metrics associated with the asset, but on-chain signals remain resistant.

On-chain data, ranging from miner revenues, transaction fees, hashrate, and daily transaction volumes, have shown positive bitcoin trends. None of this has been affected by the price decline.

News 5: Kickstarter To Launch a Blockchain Project Running on Celo

Kickstarter, the world’s most famous crowdfunding platform; wants to dive headfirst into the blockchain world, changing the technology behind its business model while still offering the same user experience.

The firm explained in an official blog post that this decision is part of an effort to find better tools to fulfil its mission of bringing creative projects to life through community collaboration.

Kickstarter will work on top of Celo, a carbon negative; Proof-of-Stake blockchain focused on minimizing environmental impact and capable of processing 7 million transactions per ton of CO2 emitted.

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