News 1: Cardano Increases Block Size By 12.5%

Cardano has been making important changes to its blockchain since the launch of smart contracts capability. 

The company announced that Cardano increases block size by 12.5% to make room for the increased traffic expected on the network. The 8KB increase will see the total block size now at 72KB and allow more transactions to be fitted in a single block.

Keep in mind that a year ago, Cardano only averaged 10k transactions per day. Now, a year later, this number has risen significantly to more than 2 lakhs and climbing.

News 2: The GameFi Craze Hits Solana as RaceFi Prepares For Take-Off

GameFi, NFTs, and anything Metaverse related is on an absolute terror in recent weeks as play-to-earn narratives heat up and users begin experiencing the true power of blockchain gaming. Most of this recent activity has been concentrated on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as Ethereum network fees have priced out many of the world’s most loyal gaming communities found across Southeast Asia.

News 3: Third-Largest Bitcoin Whale Bought $375 Million Worth of BTC in 11 Days

The third-largest Bitcoin whale has gone on a record buying spree by making several consecutive purchases.

Starting from November 12th, the entity has made eight consecutive purchases as bitcoin’s price was declining. The first one, for 1,123 BTC, came at just over $64k.

According to VentureFounder, this whale now has its highest wallet balance in four months when it accumulated at prices around $30,000.

News 4- Ripple Partners With Republic Of Palau To Develop National Digital Currency

Digital payment network Ripple has partnered with the Republic of Palau to develop its digital currency. The payment network is still on a mission to dominate the global payments industry. That is, despite the issues it is dealing with in the U.S.

Like El Salvador, the country does not have its fiat currency or even a Central Bank. Its legal tender, instead, is the U.S. dollar. The partnership with Ripple will develop a USD-backed digital currency; more like a stable coin rather than a central bank digital currency (CBDC). This currency would help facilitate cross-border payments for the nation.

News 5:  ADALend on Cardano Is the Future of DeFi

As part of the Cardano ecosystem, ADALend builds a scalable and decentralized lending protocol, which the Cardano community will regulate.

A new generation of flexible financial services for digital asset markets will be powered by the ADALend protocol; which will provide a foundation for speedy loan approval, automated collateralization, trustless custody, and liquidity in the digital asset markets.

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