MANTRA DAO is a community-run DeFi platform that provides staking, lending, governance, and a decentralised launchpad. Its goal is to return financial control to the people so that they can pool their resources and increase their wealth collectively.

MANTRA DAO’s node infrastructure is highly secure and enterprise-grade, allowing their members to receive staking rewards while keeping control of their crypto assets. On their underlying principal, they can earn up to 100% or double interest this manner.

What is MANTRA DAO? 

The MANTRA DAO decentralised finance platform focuses on staking, lending, and decentralised governance. The project will be tied to Polkadot and will be constructed on the RioChain network. It’s designed to function as a Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Staking, lending, and governance are all handled via the platform’s native utility token, OM. The currency was initially issued on the Ethereum blockchain, however the firm wants to switch to the Polkadot network.

How Does MANTRA DAO (OM) Function?

The governance token, which is used for landing and taking, powers the ecosystem; it was initially launched as an ERC 20 token, but the platform is now planning to migrate to the PolkaDot network.

It operates according to its business plan, which includes staking OM and operating a staking as a service business that charges fees on staked assets and gives business-to-business access to products.

It also offers multi-asset lending and borrowing for its own platform as well as others. It also comes with a mobile app called Mantra wallet, which gives users immediate access to web applications and increases staking integration while supporting several chains.

Mantra is built on a foundation of natively integrated governance, which is gradually being incorporated into ecosystem decision-making processes.

What Makes MANTRA DAO Unique?

MANTRA DAO claims that the project is unique due to various announced features. To begin, it will be constructed on RioChain and will be linked to Polkadot, which the company describes as a “next-generation blockchain.” Second, it provides multiasset staking, lending, and borrowing for its own platform as well as other platforms like Cosmos (ATOM) and Terra (LUNA).

Finally, it runs the MANTRA POOL, which distributes 25% of the foundation’s staking rewards. Finally, it employs a “karma” methodology that distributes scores to network participants based on their contributions, with high scores offering higher benefits to users.

The MANTRA DAO ecosystem revolves around OM, which is used to operate the DAO as well as for staking and lending. OM token holders receive an expected annual payment of 88.8% for staking on the network. After launching OM as an ERC-20 token, the platform plans to transition to the Polkadot network.

The business concept of MANTRA DAO is to collect interest on loans, stake OM, operate a staking-as-a-service business that collects fees on staked assets, and allow business-to-business access to its commodities. The “initial membership offering” was sponsored by financial firms such as Kenetic Capital, Genesis Block, and Moonrock Capital.

Is Mantra Dao (OM) A Good Investment In 2022?

At the time of writing the article, the price of the MANTRA DAO is 5.56, with a 24-hour trading volume of 416,833,681 INR. With a live market cap of 2,571,039,517 INR, it is currently ranked #568 on CoinMarketCap. There are 462,319,829 OM coins in circulation, with a total supply of 888,888,888 OM coins.

Many experts and traders have long believed that MANTRA DAO is a promising investment. Surprisingly, the market capitalization is increasing. As a result, it is almost assured that the investment will pay off. Since its debut, MANTRA DAO has revolutionised a number of sectors. The coin has been approved by a number of agencies, and a team of developers is working hard to promote it and increase usage.


The project will be connected to Polkadot and will be built on the RioChain blockchain. It’s designed to act as a Web 3.0 ecosystem. MANTRA DAO’s node architecture is highly secure and enterprise-grade, allowing their members to receive staking rewards while keeping custody of their own crypto assets. This allows them to earn up to 100% or double interest on their underlying principal.


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