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Various solutions of layer 2 compete in the development process. In Optimism; these scaling solutions will enable developers to deploy DApps shortly with one click of a button; in view of his latest revelation.

Optimism supports all Ethereum ecosystem applications. It ensures that transaction fees are lower by keeping its data on the blockchain but running computation off-chain.

According to the team’s most recent blog, an upcoming upgrade will make it easier to launch DApps on its layer. This means that any tool running on Ethereum will also run on Optimism.

Latest Upgrade To Provide Support For Ethereum Protocols

The Optimism team’s disclosure ensures the developer community that the upgrade can facilitate the start of their decentralized applications. In addition, its simplicity is based on traces and gas. Developers targeting Geth now have the chance to launch their code without modifying it.

Optimism revealed that it had overhauled the codes. As a result, it can only become an EVM equivalent by making the Ethereum Virtual Machine compliant and lightweight.

Among the steps taken by the team to reduce the protocol’s load was the deletion of its custom compiler. It also removed over 25,000 lines of code during the upgrade.

According to the post; the team claims that developing the “EVM-compliant rollup” is difficult because it aims to support the entire Ethereum stack. Furthermore, implementing the security features that EVM necessitates will be prohibitively expensive. However, it is mandatory because every line of code added to the system comes with possible vulnerabilities.

Optimism Pursuing Compatibility

For the time being, the layer 2 scaling solution is fully equivalent to EVM using Geth. Despite this; it is working to become compatible with alternative node implementations such as; Erigon and OpenEthereum by using less than a thousand lines of code. Even with this release, the team revealed that they had not changed the protocol’s security model.

The reason for the increase in Optimism; is the transition from Ethereum mainnet to other chains and layer 2 solutions compatible with EVM.

The goal of capital migration; from Ethereum to these other solutions was to reduce the high fees associated with transactions conducted on its base layer.

According to Dune Analytics, another rollup network Arbitrum has a TVL of $2.62 billion, making it the largest ETH Bridge. This competing protocol went live three weeks ago and is already making headlines.

However, it is not the only protocol; as Polygon ERC-20 Bridge emerged following Arbitrum and now has $2.35 billion in TVL. Following the arrival of Polygon, Avalanche Bridge and Fantom Anyswap Bridge have now recorded $1.86 billion and $476 million, respectively.


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