Mariah Carey’s position in the bitcoin industry has now been cemented. An American singer is offering a free $20 bitcoin donation to promote adoption. The five-time Grammy winner collaborated with the Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to launch a campaign aimed at empowering women around the world through cryptocurrency. The singer announced the collaboration with Gemini on Instagram. Mariah Carey encourages people to sign up for Gemini and learn about cryptocurrency in her informative Instagram post.

Carey has over 10 million followers on the platform and; is using her influence to encourage more women to invest in the space. Although the post was labelled as a paid partnership, its importance to the crypto community cannot be overstated. With more women in positions of power and; influence entering the crypto space; ordinary women are encouraged to investigate the space and see what opportunities it may hold for them.

Free $20 Bitcoin On Signup

Carey’s collaboration with Gemini has an added benefit for her fans. The singer announced in the post that if they used her link to sign up for Gemini’s exchange platform; they would receive $20 in free bitcoin.

Carey also mentioned investing in Bitcoin in the video. She addressed one of the most common misconceptions about investing in BTC; which is that one must buy an entire bitcoin to get started. Mariah Carey explained to her 10.2 million followers that; they did not need to purchase an entire Bitcoin to get started. Instead, they could begin by purchasing small amounts of bitcoin.

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In the video, the singer stated that Gemini’s free educational materials assisted her in learning about space. As of today, the video has received over 500,000 views and has been widely shared on social media.

Helping Women In STEM

It is no secret that the male-to-female ratio in STEM fields is highly skewed. This is because the field was historically thought to be only for men. The proportion of women of colour in the field is even more lopsided; and this has spilled over into other industries such as the crypto industry.

Black Girls Code is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2011 to address this serious problem. It offers assistance and pathways for women of colour to enter the field of technology; and Mariah is a supporter of the cause in collaboration with Gemini.

A portion of the trades made by users who sign up using the singer’s code will benefit the non-profit. So; in addition to giving users $20 in bitcoin upon signup; the partnership will benefit an organization dedicated to the advancement of women of color in STEM fields.


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