Ethereum may reach $12000 before the end of this cycle

Justin Bennett is one of the analysts who believe Ethereum(ETH) has a particularly bright future. In the 96th issue of his newsletter, Bennett presented a technical analysis. Ethereum may reach $12000 before the end of this cycle. With ETH hitting the $4,000 mark this week, all bets appear to be off as to where the digital asset’s price will finish up.

According to the CEO of the Cardano (ADA) Foundation, arriving late to the smart contract party is an advantage

Frederik Gregaard criticised the concept that Cardano (ADA) is on the back foot, despite the fact that smart contracts were launched only five weeks ago. The CEO of the Cardano Foundation noted that, rather than being a hindrance, he believes this puts the project in a far stronger position because the infrastructure laid to get to this point ensures permanence.

Reddit Wants to Create an NFT Platform

The social network Reddit is developing a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace platform. A job advertising created to recruit new team members demonstrates their ambition and dedication to developing “the largest creator economy on the internet.” Reddit has a job vacancy for a Senior Backend Engineer to help them construct their own NFT platform.

Elon Musk Is On His Way To Be The World’s First “Dogecoin Trillionaire”

Because of the success of his electric car company, Teslaeccentric CEO Elon Musk has already become the world’s richest person. However, some believe his new space exploration company SpaceX will propel him to the legendary trillionaire position. Unsurprisingly, the multi-billionaire did not miss the opportunity to mention his favourite Dogecoin(DOGE)-themed cryptocurrency.

The Associated Press will operate Chainlink nodes, bringing trusted data to blockchains

The Associated Press (AP), an independent worldwide news company; has announced plans to operate a Chainlink(LINK) oracle node that will publish data for blockchains via Chainlink’s blockchain oracle network. According to AP, the decision to host a Chainlink oracle node is based on a favourable response from blockchain engineers.

On The Cardano Network, SpaceBudZ Make The First NFT Sale Above $1 million

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