Crypto transactions in Asia have increased 706% as institutional usage expands – Chainalysis

Emerging markets in Central and Southern Asia have seen a significant increase in crypto transactions; revealing a varied variety of incentives among locals for getting exposure to digital assets as an example Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum(ETH). According to new statistics from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, crypto transactions increased 706% in Central and Southern Asia and Oceania.

BTC Breaks Through Crucial Resistance of $48,400

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has begun to show signals of the start of the next bull run in Q4 2021. Bitcoin has recently surpassed its critical resistance level of $48,400 and; is now trading at $49,123, with a market valuation of $929 billion. It is setting the stage for a bull run above these levels.

Axie Infinity continues to show hints of a bright future after a 750% increase

Right now, Axie Infinity’s native token AXS has been on a tear over the last several months. This coin is now ranked 30th on CMC after experiencing a multi-percentage increase recently. Its market capitalization has already surpassed $6.6 billion. The protocol’s revenue has also skyrocketed in recent weeks.

Facebook and Instagram were taken down for several hours as Bitcoin supporters took shots

For several hours, Facebook and its owned services Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp were all unavailable. Decentralized alternatives are being proposed by supporters of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In this place, Twitter just included Bitcoin tipping and will soon allow Ethereum-based NFT holders to verify their profile images.

In one month, the Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem reports one million transfers on IBC

The Inter Blockchain Communications Protocol (IBC) has recently grown in popularity; handling over 1 million transfers in the last 30 days. Cosmos (ATOM) debuted its IBC protocol early this year; enabling cross-chain communication, and the ever-expanding interoperable blockchain ecosystem has recently seen a surge.

What is Ethereum Blockchain?

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