Cosmos records 1 million transfers every month across the ecosystem

The Cosmos(ATOM) cross-chain network has been continuously developing with the projects that operate on top of it, and it has now hit a tipping point in terms of activity. Cosmos records 1 million transfers every month across the ecosystem. The Inter Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC), which serves as the foundation of the Cosmos ecosystem, has seen a boom in activity over the last month, with over one million transfers recorded.

Aave on Avalanche (AVAX) recently achieved $1 billion

The value of deposited assets on the popular lending protocol soared by $1 billion in just a few hours after Aave(AAVE) was launched on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain. The Avalanche ecosystem is growing as the network receives a large infusion of attention and money, all fueled by generous incentives.

After Bitcoin falls below $50,000, it becomes more attractive

Bitcoin(BTC) price increased and broke through the $50,000 resistance level versus the US dollar. BTC may correct lower, although falls may be confined below $50,000. Bitcoin broke through the $49,500 and $50,000 resistance levels. The price is currently trading above $50,000 and above the 100 hourly simple moving average.

Shiba Inu-inspired cryptocurrencies see a price increase in response to Musk’s new tweet

Elon Musk, the crypto villain; tweeted a photo of his Shiba (SHIB) puppy in the front trunk of a Tesla with the caption “Floki Frunkpuppy.” Dogecoin(DOGE) has fallen far behind the legion of clones that have sprouted up in an attempt to dethrone the original. Surprisingly, the underdog token $SHIB dominated the top-100 with a 51% rise.

Investors are optimistic as Ethereum (ETH) has settled $6.2 trillion in transactions in the last year

Ethereum(ETH) has settled $6.2 trillion in the previous twelve months, according to data research firm Messari. More astonishing, this statistic is up more than 350% over the preceding twelve-month period. This value is 369% higher than in 2020; thanks to a strong third quarter in which Ethereum settled for $1.5 trillion.

Bitcoin Mining Hashrate Rises Twice in 90 Days

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