Cardano is being preferred by new investors above BTC & ETC

Alex Krüger, a crypto trader and analyst; recently spoke on why Cardano may be the most sought-after cryptocurrency among new investors. Cardano is being preferred by new investors above Btc & Eth. He ascribed ADA’s fame to “a podcast.” While there are many crypto podcasts; he was referring to the one hosted by Charles Hoskinson.

BTC’s price continues to rise to $60,000 amid a whale-buying frenzy

The Bitcoin(BTC) price begins the new week trading above $56,000, as the distance to $60,000 shrinks. BTC’s potential grows with each passing day, aided by a large collection of whales. Bitcoin finished the weekend with a spectacular move above $56,000.

Regardless of criticism, Shiba Inu may have a “message” to communicate

Shiba Inu are “pointless,” according to Michael Burry, the financier famous for correctly anticipating the 2008 U.S. financial catastrophe. Burry’s disdain for the DOGE offshoot stems from its inflationary supply. The supply of meme coins has now surpassed one quadrillion coins.

Rally of 1,000% Dogecoin is Replicating the Pattern of the April Breakout

According to a leading crypto strategist and trader; Dogecoin (DOGE) has the potential to re-ignite a run similar to its huge breakout in April. Justin Bennett tells his 73,300 Twitter followers that; the present price behaviour of the leading meme cryptocurrency mimics a technical pattern last seen in DOGE six months ago; before commencing a 13x rise.

El Salvador will use Bitcoin profits to construct a pet hospital

El Salvador’s president announced on Saturday; that the country’s Bitcoin proceeds will be used to create a “pet hospital.” President Nayib Bukele; who proclaimed Bitcoin legal tender in the country on September 7; said on Twitter that the country’s Bitcoin Trust has a $4 million dollar surplus due to the cryptocurrency’s rising price.

Elon Musk Speaks amidst Crypto Crackdown, “Govts can’t destroy crypto, but…”

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