Bitcoin ATMs have doubled since January: Coin ATM Radar

According to data released in October by Coin ATM Radar, a significant cryptocurrency data compiling site, crypto ATMs have increased astronomically this year, reports.

Over 30,000 Bitcoin ATMs are currently functional around the world. The number of bitcoin ATMs has just doubled since January, and nearly 80 countries now have crypto ATMs for exchanging cryptocurrencies with fiat money.

The growth of Bitcoin ATMs tracked by Coin ATM Radar in some of the countries is as follows:

* 14,016 registered locations were supporting automated teller services for leading cryptocurrencies on January 1.

* The total Bitcoin ATMs will have increased to a reasonable 30,011 by October 2021.

Cryptocurrency Ether Hits All-Time High Of $4,400

Ether, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, hit an all-time high on Friday, a little over a week after more significant rival bitcoin set its record.

As cryptocurrency markets have rallied sharply in recent weeks, ether is up more than 60% since its late September trough.

The token, which underpins the ethereum blockchain network, rose as much as 2.6% to $4,400 in Asian hours, breaching the previous top of $4,380 set on May 12.

Recent Development In The Bitcoin World You Need To Know

If you are a regular investor in bitcoin, you need to be aware of the latest developments and news concerning bitcoin. The article aims to uncover every little information about bitcoin that happened in the world of bitcoin.

The crypto economy has achieved significant milestones. It has witnessed the fueling surge in the value of digital assets. As per many experts, the industry will begin to preserve its momentum even after rallies. The world of cryptocurrency has seen many innovations and developments lately. In this article, we will discuss all these recent developments:

In April 2021, Venmo announced it is adding crypto support to its platform. Thus, it has joined the list of companies that have started accepting digital currencies as payment.

As per a report published in April 2021, Square IncFidelity and Coinbase are joining hands to form a Crypto Council. The council will aim to pursue innovation to clear the industry’s mission to the users and investors. This way, the board will benefit the regulators, policymakers, and people around the world.

How NFTs Created An Economy for Digital Creators

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have revolutionized the art world in 2021. The market has seen groundbreaking sales; with collectors having spent over $2 billion on NFTs in the past month alone, compared to only $250 million in the entire year of 2020, according to

The staggering statistic can, in part, be attributed to artists like Beeple making record-breaking sales this year; when the artist sold a singular artwork for $69 million at Christies, the third-highest price of art on record.

By definition, NFTs are digital files that provide buyers with proof of ownership and authenticity. They live on the blockchain, a decentralized ledger, making them highly secure. NFTs; give the buyers the one-off request; giving collectors a sense of exclusivity like they would when buying an original Picasso painting.

AMC Theatres Considers Accepting Shiba Inu Alongside Dogecoin as SHIB Popularity Soars

The CEO of the world’s most prominent movie exhibition company; AMC Entertainment, is asking the crypto community whether his company should accept Shiba Inu (SHIB) for payments. The company is already planning to take several cryptocurrencies by year-end, including dogecoin.

The CEO of AMC Entertainment; Adam Aron put up a poll on Twitter Friday asking the crypto community; whether his company should accept payments in Shiba Inu (SHIB).

AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the U.S., Europe, and the world. As of March 31, the company owned or operated approximately 950 theaters and 10,500 screens globally.

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