According to a survey, 50% of Africans invest in crypto to pay for their children’s education

The majority of cryptocurrency owners in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa do so in order to offer a better future for their children. According to a recent poll, the majority of cryptocurrency investors in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa entered the digital asset market with long-term aims in mind, such as ensuring the well-being of their families. Africans invest in crypto to pay for their children’s education.

Bitcoin Realized Capitalization Reached an All-Time High

Since the top cryptocurrency witnessed a huge downturn, resulting in a $10K daily loss from the $52,000 level, Bitcoin (BTC) has been in a volatile market. Nonetheless, realised capitalization has been on an increasing trend since reaching a record high. The Bitcoin fear and greed index increased from a fear zone of 20 to a neutral level of 54.

El Salvador provides a $0.20 per gallon fuel subsidy to locals who pay in BTC

El Salvador is attempting to increase usage of its government-issued Chivo Bitcoin wallet by offering $0.20 per gallon discounts on gasoline purchases to customers who pay with BTC. He went on to say that the reduction will wipe out “multiple increases in international fuel prices” and; “lower transportation costs in supply chains.”

Visa is working on interoperable transfers between CBDC payments

Visa Inc. has moved a step closer to realizing its vision for central bank digital currency. The payment giant recently stated that it is developing a universal payment channel (UPC) that would allow multiple digital currencies; such as CBDCs and private stable coins, to make payments to each other.

Solana Monkey Breaks NFT Record on Solana, Sells for More Than $2 Million

A Solana(SOL) Monkey recently became the Solana network’s first NFT to sell for a record-breaking $2 million in USD. The NFT in question is called ‘Solana Monkey #1355′ and is part of the 5000-strong ‘Solana Money Business’ collection. This announcement comes just one month after the first-ever NFT sale on the Solana blockchain; which occurred in early September 2021.

Daily Crypto News- 65% of working Americans would accept payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin

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