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Whenever, somebody talks about cryptocurrencies, market volatility is something that goes side-by-side. The increase & decrease in prices is like the two faces of the coin ineveitable to dodge. Market volatility can be nerve-wracking for newbies and experts but, rather than panicking they should think how to tackle the crypto market crash.

Here are some way and best cryptocurrencies tips and tricks to handle the rollercoaster ride of crypto market:

Whenever there is a dip in prices of any asset class, it offers a lucrative opportunity to investors for buying the assets at an incredibly low price. Today, Ether is hovering around $2400 and it was at $4000 on December 25, this looks like a great chance to own an entire ethereum and hold it for 2-3 years to reap maximum benefit. Savvy investors in crypto have always made their money on these dips and we have seen this trend during every bearish phase in the crypto prices.

Adoption for crypto across the globe is at its peak currently, and Bitcoin’s fundamentals speak for itself with mining rewards worth around $200M distributed on 24 January. These are strong facts that indicate that long-term investors and buyers in the bearish phase are always on the winning side.

said, Shivam Thakral, CEO of BuyUcoin, a homegrown cryptocurrency exchange to International Business Times

Crypto Market Crash – Why Buy The Dip?

Let’s go right into the charts and see what we’re seeing and how the prospective outlooks are shaping out.

Crypto Market Crash
Credit: Moving Average, YouTube Channel

So, in a nutshell, this is Bitcoin on a daily basis. As a result, we broke that trendline and came down to retest this major milestone at $30,000. It stayed in this range for a while. This exquisite head and shoulders pattern may also be seen. This is the head of the left shoulder and the left shoulder.

Most things, when they have a head and shoulders pattern, tend to dump down if they break the neckline, but because cryptocurrencies are on a tremendous upsurge, and you should normally be bullish on cryptocurrencies, you should be bullish on them and look for opportunities during this crypto market crash.

Bitcoin & Crypto Market Crash | 10 Best Crypto to Buy The Dip oh my god im flying optimism its the best way 16217652 | BuyUcoin

If you’re not optimistic about cryptocurrencies, you’re bullish on the US dollar, and We’re not bullish on the US dollar-based on what We’re witnessing in the US. So from the bottom of that right shoulder up to when we hit our latest high, we were up 132 percent.

After deleting it, you can see that we have a left shoulder and a right shoulder ahead of us. Now, why everybody is losing it, because we have broken that neckline. Now, when we see things like this and notice a break, we want to look at other assets in the same class. So the number two cryptocurrency will be a hypothesis today, and if we do the same analysis we did on Bitcoin, we can see that we still have a ways to go to attain this level of support.

So as this falls, so will Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market, but once it reaches this level, it should theoretically reject, and hopefully at this level, we either have a single rejection, that is, one large candle rejecting off of it on a daily time frame, or we get a 24-hour candle closing.

If not, anticipate one huge candle rejection, a minor breach of that support level, and then one candle shooting up since we’ve already had a number of candles here. When it comes to double bottoms, you usually get a small set of rejections. Then it gets one harsh rejection the following time it tests there.

So Invertors’ most recent large buy was right here at 2700. When it started coming back up after that massive wick down to $3,200, they were buying in 37,4000 in this region, expecting it would utilize this as its new level of support, despite the fact that the wick did form a new trend line. They did, in fact, purchase up here at 3200. I’ve also placed another purchase order at 2600.

We don’t believe crypto market crash as such but, it will reach this level, but if it does, the profit margin on that transaction will be incredible. We’ve witnessed so much price volatility and Bitcoin in the last year that it’s really blowing our heads. Because while everyone was losing their minds about Bitcoin, they were panicking. That happened in March of 2020. Check the chart above, what happened in March of 2020. In comparison to this, there’s this object right here that had a big reduction from $10,000 to $3,700. Everyone lost their cool, and this is when I first began investing in cryptocurrencies; you can see the gradual, repetitive rise compared to what is occurring now.

This is excessive volatility, according to investors. However, we are now in a downward trend. We saw the same downtrend exactly here before, and after it broke that trendline, it generated the double bottom rejected up, which was the 130 percent gain. This region currently, despite its size, should be considered a consolidation area.

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So we have no idea how long it will be here. But basically, it has to break this trendline first, then break that level of support, hopefully, retest it, and then push up, but from this area to this area, you’re looking at a really healthy profit of almost 65 percent on Bitcoin and 73 percent on Ethereum.

So, whatever the top cryptocurrencies are, look at the price difference between where it is now and where it was previously, and that’s the percentage return you may expect. Of course, leverage trading isn’t a good idea right now because we’re in a negative trend, which means the price is being pushed down to a liquidity zone. And the price might be driven higher in that liquidity zone.

So, simply looking at Etherium right now, where is your liquidity zone where there is nothing beneath except buyers and maybe individuals trimming their losses? As a result, investors could expect a tiny wick and a surge in all of my available money, as well as purchase orders in this zone on Bitcoin.

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Now, if you look at Chainlink from the previous high point, it’s 176 percent. If you look at Shiba, you’re looking at a 255 percent increase. If you’re looking at Cardano, you’ve seen a 148 percent increase in value. Alternatively, if you’re 100 percent committed to that soul, Still going strong on Dogecoin 387 percent, Many people have been promoting XRP recently, yet it’s currently trading at 175 percent of its prior high. Elon Musk’s canine companion is 731 percent Floki, You can put a hundred dollars on it simply for fun. Polkadot a hundred percent So, if you’re trying to invest in cryptocurrencies for the long term, anything in the top 20 is going to be fantastic. In the coming year, Bitcoin, Etherium, Cardano, Solana, and XRP, none of which investors favor.

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Avalanche, Polygon, Shiba, Polkadot, Dogecoin Inu, Cosmos, and Chainlink just dropped out of the top 20. This is an excellent one to look at as well. Decentraland is something I’m interested in, and some investors have it in their portfolios. They’re only waiting to see who will claim the first and second places. In the whole crypto sphere of the Metaverse. Once you go into the rear part of the top 100, this is the other one I’m looking at. This is where the amount of marketing they perform may have a significant impact on price.

You may also sort by which ones are currently popular. Shiba is a new 11, for example, which is good. Polkadot, which is at nine, is a nice spooky, Shiba and Mars Floki is new hype coins that have huge potential, but investors are more concerned with long-term investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Literally, go on here and see what the all-time highs of The Top 20 Top 50 coins are, and see which one has the most percentage gain potential.

And then, once you’ve done that and placed your purchase orders in the stocks you want to invest in, go get your snowboard, skis, sleds, ice skates, or whatever you want to do this winter. And do something fun with your time instead of sitting and waiting and gazing at these charts. Look at support and resistance levels, input your buy limit sell limit, purchase, stop, sell, sell, stop, whatever you want to set it up as, and then go do nice stuff.


There will be a liquidity grab if the price continues to fall. That will be the last time investors claim to be waiting for a liquidity grab during this crypto market crash. And these people with tens of millions of dollars will rush into the market, causing the price to skyrocket. Investors don’t know when that will happen since they aren’t Nostradamus, but they are preparing by placing many orders along the road, the largest at the price points they don’t believe it will touch, but if it does, they will be ecstatic.

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