Creator; a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that enables users to launch smart contract-enabled decentralized applications without having to learn to code; has just announced that its network is now compatible with Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

This follows the successful launch of two IDOs (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings); in which Creator’s native CTR token was sold on both the Ignition Paid and; MoonStarter launchpads.

Creator’s platform is now compatible with BSC (a smart contract enabled blockchain network); and the CTR/BNB liquidity pool has been successfully added to Pancakeswap (a DeX built on BSC).

The Creator team has continued to nominate CTR tokens on after enabling sufficient liquidity for CTR pairs on Pancakeswap. The voting round was a success, with over 22 million votes cast (twice as much as the initial goal). CTR; tokens are now officially listed on; a well-known crypto exchange and one of the largest in the industry; with a 24-hour trading volume of more than $680 million. Furthermore, CTR token is listed on Coingecko, the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator.

To maximize the Creator community’s and the Crypto industry’s benefit; the Creator team implements farming capabilities for CTR holders at KyberDMM and; UniFarm, allowing CTR holders to earn yields from the token. Liquidity providers can now add any amount of liquidity to the BNB-CTR pool on KyberDMM; on BSC in order to claim their share of the $120,000 in CTR and; KNC token liquidity mining rewards over the next two months. Furthermore, CTR holders can begin staking CTR tokens at UniFarm Cohort 23 alongside three other tokens: $HESH, $MANGA, and $UFARM. Liquidity providers can stake any ONE token and; farm ALL the others at UniFarm Cohort 23 for an APY of up to 250%.

With its listings on Uniswap; Pancakeswap;; Coingeko, and farming in KyberDMM and UniFarm; CTR is poise to increase its accessibility, resulting in massive profits for long-term investors and; more importantly, moving closer to its goal of becoming a fully-fledged service that empowers DeFi and NFT users.

What is Creator (BaaS)?

Creator is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform that offers No Code Smart Contracts; Low Code DApps; and other services to the DeFi and NFT communities. The Blockchain features; of Creator will open the door for all game studios and developers to enter the gamified NFT and Blockchain industry.

Creator offers its users a blockchain infrastructure; that is pre-built with all of the requirements for a smart contract of any design and purpose; allowing decentralized applications to thrive. Creator enables an entrepreneur or creator to launch a DApp with little technical knowledge, hence the name “creator.”

Creator’s BaaS not only provides the infrastructure that allows entrepreneurs and creators to focus on the business and; creative aspects of their projects; but it also provides maintenance, enabling anyone to easily set up cloud-based blockchain network solutions.

After launching their DApp in Creator Chain; Creator creates a Launchpad where entrepreneurs can raise funds and run presales to retailers. Creator Launchpad could assist them in completing all of the complicated procedures such as pre-marketing; sales event execution, token listing, staking, vesting, and liquidity mining after the sales.

How does Creator’s Platform work?

Creator platform innovators and creators can bring their DApp ideas to life by exploring the smart contracts available on Creator.

For example; a user may choose to create a dollar-cost averaging; smart contract using Creator’s drag and drop tools to program instructions into that smart contract. Assume Alice is the one who creates this dollar-cost averaging smart contract in our example. As a result; Alice can link the smart contract to the exchange; specify parameters for the digital assets to be purchase; and outline a strategy that can be easily program into the contract on Creator. Furthermore, Alice does not need to write a single line of code.

Once the Smart Contract is complete; Alice can deploy it and instruct it to purchase the tokens specified in the pre-defined strategy. Alice; may also choose to create the dollar-cost averaging smart contract as a product to sell to other traders on Creator; who are looking for automated trading strategies.

However; unlike most open-source platforms; Creator is designed in such a way that Alice can receive revenue generated by the sale of that; smart contract to other third-party users.

Even though the team is currently in charge of the operation; Creator is set to become a DAO in the future. Once it has been converted into a DAO; 70% of fees collected from Creator ecosystem activities will be used to fund staking regards; with the remaining 30% going to a Creator Treasury, which is use to incentivize ecosystem growth. Long-term investors could earn not only huge profits; but also decision-making authority in the Creator Chain system, thanks to the Creator team’s recently revealed Business model.

This model enables a smart contract-controlled market in which creators benefit not only from the purchases; and profits generated by the smart contracts they designed, but also from the platform’s autonomous growth.

Anyone can build a DApp and have it live with a few clicks using either of the UIs on Creator. The DApp is compatible with the Polkadot ecosystem, as well as Ethereum and, more recently, the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Users who want to create or innovate NFT platforms can use Creator and; its built-in services to reduce DApp costs and; gain access to full-fit services that would otherwise be expensive to build from scratch.

CTR token

Creator includes a native token called CTR in addition to assisting entrepreneurs and creators in the crypto and; blockchain space in gaining access to tools that make the deployment of decentralised blockchain-based services much more affordable.

CTR is currently an ERC20 token, but Creator’s team intends to launch a native CTR equivalent on its mainnet. The total supply of CTR tokens is 150 million. 30% of its total supply is dedicate to enabling liquidity on various exchanges, another 35% to platform development, and the remaining 15% to the Creator ecosystem.

Conclusion: Building Strong partnerships

Creator has already attracted the attention of several investors; including Master Venture, V2B Labs, Exnetwork Capital, X21, Oddiyana Ventures, and DarkPool Liquidity, to name a few.

As the Blockchain-as-a-Service trend continues; a slew of major institutions are jumping on board to provide the ultimate platform for transferring and; exchanging valuable assets over the internet. Simply put, blockchains and smart contracts have limitless applications, and Creator is at the forefront of this disruptive revolution.


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