Blockchain gaming seems complicated to you? Wanted to learn what is blockchain gaming and how it can become the next future of online gaming. Well, you have come to the right place.

In the last 10 years, the gaming industry has changed drastically. It grew from a niche market to a $117+ billion-dollar industry, and the trend is only going up. More and more people are getting interested in games and this is where blockchain comes into play. Blockchain can be used in many different ways in the gaming world, from monetizing games to creating them altogether. Limoverse has entered the realm of blockchain and metaverse with a similar concept where your fitness regime will be gamified with ensured prizes in the form of free tokens. Let’s take a look at what exactly blockchain gaming is and why it’s likely to be the future of gaming.

What is Blockchain Gaming?

Blockchain Gaming is a whole new way of playing video games that relies on blockchain technology. Blockchain is the process of storing data in blocks which are then linked together in a chain. This means that every time a player buys an item, the seller can use the blockchain to track any fraud that may have occurred. It also means if players trade items, no one can double-spend or steal items as each transaction is a unique ID and cannot be edited once completed.

Limoverse Gamification Project – let’s Have a peek

Limoverse is a metaverse platform powered by blockchain technology for the health professionals where you can deploy your Avatar to play the games and create a fortune of Limos. Users can create avatars, make them play different games on the limoverse platform which are related to fitness and fun. Through these fitness games, you as a customer stand a chance to win a limo token that can be used to change the attire of your avatar. By playing more and more games your avatar will get a boost to make him stronger and then you can compete with other avatars all over the world and in virtual reality. Seems exciting signup today and stand a chance to win airdrops on the limoverse platform.

How to Make Money from Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain games are a relatively new and exciting development in the gaming industry. By using blockchain technology to power games, developers can create a digital economy where gamers buy virtual items from each other. The best way to make money from blockchain gaming is by buying into ICOs for those projects that you think will have the most success and then reselling them when they increase in value. Limoverse as a new metaverse platform provides blockchain-powered games where players can earn free limo tokens by participating in different fitness games with in-app purchases.

Interest in Blockchain Gaming and Why it’s The Future

According to the data – “ Health Gamification has projected to be a $47 Billion industry by 2027”


Blockchain gaming is a relatively new phenomenon. It has been growing in popularity as gamers want to know what games can be played on the blockchain without fear of being hacked or losing their virtual currency due to some technical glitch. Blockchain has advantages for game developers and players alike. For example, developers are spared from the cost of having a third party host their game and publish it for them. Players, on the other hand, enjoy better security because the game is not stored on any single computer but instead with many computers all over the world that have to agree before any changes are made (game developers can’t make changes without agreement).


Blockchain Gaming is the future of gaming. Blockchain is changing the game for millions of people around the world by providing gamers with true ownership, fair trade, and privacy. Blockchain can be used to distribute high-end games to players at a reasonable price. Players will also be able to resell their games to other players without any transaction fees making it a win-win situation.

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