The Russia-Ukraine conflict has put a severe hit on the global economy. With Russia invading Ukraine, it is said that World War 3 has just begun. The crisis in Ukraine and sanctions imposed on Russia have resulted in the use of Bitcoin as an alternative currency, including millions of dollars in Bitcoin donations.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Ukraine has received cryptocurrency donations. Sanctions have also driven Russians to turn to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have received a lot of attention. Since it opened Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets and revealed the addresses on Twitter last week, more than $400,000 in cryptocurrency has been given in less than a week.

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Is Turning Into A Crypto War

Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict started, trading in cryptocurrencies has increased. This is because the central bank of Ukraine is in charge of firm fund controls and SWIFT sanctions, including ATM withdrawals limitation, suspension of the FOREX market, and a restriction on electronic transaction networks. 

We’ve seen how the President of Russia’s army conquered Ukraine for the past couple of days. Two economies that were early adopters of the new type of digital money are now using it to gain a competitive edge in the geopolitical struggle. 

The first majorRussia-Ukraine conflict of the crypto age also implies that both parties have access to a technology capable of effortlessly moving billions of dollars across borders for the first time in history.

The government of Ukraine requested everyone for donations in cryptocurrency on Twitter after Russia invaded the nation. Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice-Prime Minister, recently tweeted the wallet addresses for people to donate.

Is Cryptocurrency the Real Money?

For the past decade, individuals have reaped the benefits of digital currency, which now rules the market. Cryptocurrencies are used for several reasons: trading, payments, and investing in the same way that any other fiat currency is. We can see no more significant investment than crypto when it comes to investing. 

Cryptocurrencies have proven that they have a bright future based on their performance. 

The performance of Bitcoin and other virtual assets can influence the growth of other investment alternatives. People aspire to make a lot of money in a short time, and they are benefiting greatly from the cryptocurrency industry. Nonetheless, you have a higher chance of profiting from the crypto market than the regular one. For beginners, competing with experienced players might be challenging because they benefit from their development. 

Beginners want an environment where they do not have to worry about competing. The crypto market is relatively new to the general public, and as a result, newbies can fully benefit from trading.

Cryptocurrencies Made a Huge Impact In Our Lives

Cryptocurrencies may boom not only in India but everywhere. Previously, everyone thought that Bitcoin did not add much value to the economy, and it is now recognizing the importance of blockchains. Making the right decision may take some time. Nonetheless, the future of cryptocurrencies may be bright. Cryptocurrencies can be traded and invested by anyone. 

For example, the Indian government developed rules and regulations for introducing central bank digital currency in the Union Budget 2022-23, which will significantly boost the economy.

Interferences that come from governments decide the future of any currency from time to time. It is up to them to choose how and when the money will work. Control over the flow of money can be good or bad for the economy. However, with cryptos, this is not the case. It is free from any rules and regulations set by the government to control the economy. Cryptos work out in their way. 

Due to this particular reason, people are getting into the crypto market. As crypto trading is more attractive than the stock market, that’s why cryptos can be said to be the future of investments.

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