According to an announcement released by project’s creators, the first release of Doggy DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation for Shiba Inu community members; went live on Friday on the decentralised cryptocurrency market, ShibaSwap. 

The First Release of Doggy DAO is now Available on the Shibaswap 

“It’s arisen because we believe in reducing the level of accountability that our team have to place in each other,” Queenie, ShibaSwap’s Discord moderator, addressed this at a recent Twitter Spaces AMA. “It deters us from the ability to exert authority and control over certain areas; it’s about making it more decentralised.”

DAO 1, the first release of Doggy DAO this Friday in beta will let the Shiba Inu community vote on adding crypto projects and pairs to ShibaSwap’s WOOF liquidity pools and how incentives in the DEX’s BONE governance token will be awarded to them.

Secondly, SHIBOSHIS will be the next Woofable Surpise for its community. The community announced a SHIBOSHI 5 percent of the BPB (Bone Per Block) assigned to Liquidity Pools; which will be included in the locked pairs!

For security reasons; the “guardians 6/9 wallet” will make the final decision on whether or not ShibaSwap will accept a project.

Shiba Inu developers previously discussed; the initial iteration of the Doggy DAO project would include a new staking contract; aims to restrict the impact of deep-pocketed whales by increasing the lock-up period for BONE tokens.

ShibaSwap Users Will Vote by Staking their Bone Tokens in Exchange for tBONE

With the introduction of DAO 1; ShibaSwap users will be able to vote on projects display by staking their BONE tokens in exchange for tBONE; the staked version of the governance token. 

The more votes a project obtains; the more allocation points (AP) it earns the number of BONE awards assigned to the pool. A maximum of 30 pairs chosen by the community will implement; with a selected new batch every two weeks.

Because this is a beta release, the ShibaSwap team will gather comments from the Shiba Inu community. 

“The first phase will technically be considered a beta phase, but a lot more developed than what you would normally consider a beta; Queenie described. We just want to be able to get the feedback from the community so that we ensure that things are going as intended.”

A future DAO 2 launch will bring “more complexity” to the system via “improved use cases of BONE/tBONE tokens.” 

According to Queenie, DAO 2 would allow community members to submit “generic proposals;” which will examine by the ShibaSwap multisig team.

ShibaSwap Team Hints of a “Big Surprise” on the Way

Along with DAO 1, a new staking contract will launch; require BONE to lock up for a longer time before voting begins to reduce the effect of whales and exchanges on the vote.

The statement appears to have had little impact on Shiba Inu’s price fell by -3.27 percent in 24 hours today. Shiba Inu’s coin most recent trade was for ₹0.0023. Whereas, this hasn’t diminished the ShibaSwap team’s excitement. Their DAO announcement hinted at a “big surprise” coming shortly.

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