BTC Markets, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, has been granted a finance service licence.

australian cryptocurrency exchange

For BTC and cryptocurrency-related businesses, certain countries have mandated rules. For instance, a legislation mandates that all cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers hold a financial licence. These rules are necessary because the use of cryptocurrency is becoming more widely used in frauds and criminal activity. Many countries are on edge as digital assets and crimes […]

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano suggests a revolutionary method for regulating cryptocurrency

charles hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano and a co-founder of Ethereum, has recommended to the US Congress a different strategy for regulating cryptocurrencies and activities related to them. The suggested strategy incorporates principles based on software. Charles Hoskinson thinks that self-regulation through crypto technology is possible. Hoskinson suggested that the software developers associated with the […]

Officers Committee recommends postponing the decision to impose GST on cryptocurrency.

officers committee

The Fitment officers Committee determined that it was essential to list all relevant supply related to the crypto-ecosystem that are subject to GST, together with their type—whether they are products or services—and the associated rate. The GST Council has been advised to postpone a judgement regarding the taxability of cryptocurrencies and other virtual digital assets […]

Launch of blockchain-based trade finance scheme by RBI and Indian banks

blockchain-based trade finance

The project is being led by the central bank’s Innovation Hub in Bangalore, which is supported technologically by IBM, SettleMint in Belgium, and Corda Technologies in the United States. Fast facts on blockchain-based trade finance The central bank’s project aims to stop letters of credit fraud by integrating blockchain technology into the fundamental banking system. […]

Do Kwon Is “Greatly Confident” That Terra Ecosystem Can Regain Its Former Glory

do kwon

As regulators investigate whether Do Kwon — who founded Terraform Labs — was running a Ponzi scheme in the wake of the stunning demise of the UST stablecoin and the Luna governance token last month, the embattled CEO is fiercely defending his actions. In a recent interview, Do Kwon noted that the catastrophic collapse of […]

Solana Introduces the Web3 Smartphone

web3 smartphone

One of the first attempts in the market to expand Web3 technology beyond the desktop will be made by Solana when it launches a mobile phone. A dApp store, the Solana SDK, and hardware private key security features will all be built into the phone. Web3 Smartphone A new mobile phone is being introduced by […]

Shopify Reveals Range of New Crypto Features


Shopify unveiled a range of new features today, including the ability for online merchants to create “tokengated” stores designed to incentivize fans to hold brand tokens. The Emergence of “Tokengated” Retail By Shopify Shopify is improving its platform to enable connections between customers and retailers via their cryptocurrency wallets. According to its website, Shopify is […]

What Difference Polygon Is Making in the Fight Against Climate Change

climate change

Recent fight that Polygon initiated against climate change and the announcement that it has achieved carbon neutrality may give its native token the boost it needs to continue rising. The native token, MATIC, has been experiencing issues since the start of 2022. Its value has dropped by about 86.09 percent since hitting an all-time high […]