Top 5 Crypto News – Terra Network (LUNA) Reaches A New All-time High

Top 5 Crypto News - Terra Network (LUNA) Reaches A New All-time High

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Terra Network (LUNA) Reaches A New All-time High of $20 Billion, Surpassing Binance Smart Chain

Terra’s Defi activity is increasing, with network TVL and LUNA prices reaching an all-time high this week. By the 16th of December, the network had secured approximately $13 billion in contracts.

Following that, value streamed in, with an additional $3 billion amassed in only three days. TVL peaked at more than $20 billion on Wednesday and is presently worth $19.58 billion.

This is significantly more than the current value of BSC; which was stalled under $17 billion for the previous two weeks.

Terra currently has the second-highest TVL among all networks on Defi Llama. It is only overshadowed by Ethereum, which has a TVL of $156 billion and dominates Defi.

The TerraSwap and Anchor (ANC) protocols have gained the most value in the past seven days, with TVL rises of 89 and 44%, respectively.

Uniswap Is Now Available on Polygon

Uniswap, one of Ethereum’s largest decentralized exchanges, is now available on Polygon.

Today, Polygon CEO Mihailo Bjelic stated that the company has the “second strongest DeFi ecosystem” behind Ethereum. “Polygon has been expanding tremendously by pretty much all significant criteria,” he noted, adding that Polygon has 126 million members, 1.22 billion transactions, and $5.2 billion in locked value.

Bjelic stated in his initial Uniswap proposal that Polygon is “aligned with Ethereum and its ideals” and “battle-tested.” He mentioned perks such as potential savings for consumers and stated that Polygon can assist in “returning to the original DeFi concept.”

Bjelic also stated that Uniswap might offer adoption incentives and contribute up to $20 million to that purpose. This sum includes a $15 million set down, particularly for liquidity mining incentives.

Despite The Downtrend, Ethereum Whale Continues to Buy Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu accumulation patterns have been shared among Ethereum whales in recent days. The meme coin reveals to be the most prominent among the top 1,000 Ethereum wallet holdings, which collectively own a considerable quantity of Shiba Inu. 

Since the asset began to drop from its all-time high, these wallets have continued to accumulate it quickly.

The most recent example of this pattern was the acquisition of 4 trillion Shiba Inu by a single Ethereum address. The whale wallet has accumulated a total of $136 million in SHIB in 24 hours, proving to be the most popular token among the top Ethereum wallets once again.

The top 1,000 Ethereum wallets currently contain the most SHIB coins, totaling $1,728,062,660, the most of any cryptocurrency.

Top 5 Crypto News - Terra Network (LUNA) Reaches A New All-time High SHIBUSD 2021 12 23 13 18 25 | BuyUcoin

On December 26, 176 Million SHIB Will Be Burned

Bigger Entertainment is the first to accept SHIB as payment for merchandise, music, NFTs, and event tickets. 

Cooper’s “burn party,” which he’s been talking about for a long time, will take place on December 26. Earlier this month; he asked the SHIB community to purchase $5 burn party tickets, stating that the acquired SHIB equivalent of the cash gained would be burnt on December 26.

On December 13, when the tweet was published; Cooper noted that if 7,500 SHIB holders paid $5 apiece, the team would burn one billion Shiba Inu coins. They were 13% of the way to their target on that particular day. With only four days till the burn event, the Bigger Entertainment crew is ready to burn 176 million SHIB.

He underlined that burning as many coins as possible in one run reduces Ethereum gas expenses over several burns.

El Salvador Purchases 21 Bitcoin To Honor 21 December, 2021

The government of El Salvador continues to mark essential days by purchasing additional Bitcoin (BTC), with President Nayib Bukele announcing a new purchase of 21 BTC on Tuesday.

El Salvador’s newest BTC investment; worth roughly $1,036,000 at the time of writing, is to mark the “final 21st day of the year 21 of the twenty-first century” and the scarcity of Bitcoin; since its supply is restricted by 21 million BTC, according to Bukele.

The President further noted that El Salvador’s total area is allegedly roughly 21,041 square kilometers. According to Bukele, it is no coincidence, given that El Salvador was the first country in the world to use Bitcoin as legal cash.

Buying Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a means for El Salvador to commemorate various milestones and play around significant dates or figures, after the government purchased its first 200 BTC in early September; in conjunction with the adoption of Bitcoin as legal cash on September 7.

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