YouTube Enters the Realm of NFTs, Metaverse & Web 3.0

YouTube Enters the Realm of NFTs, Metaverse & Web 3.0

An American online video sharing, and social media platform owned by Google, YouTube has revealed its plan to enter the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a metaverse powered by web 3.0 and blockchain technology. According to Neil Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, in a blog post published on February 10, the site aims to link […]

Is Shiba Inu Introducing Its Metaverse ‘Shiberse’? What Next?

Is Shiba Inu Introducing Its Metaverse ‘Shiberse’? What Next?

Shiba Inu creators announced the introduction of the Dogecoin-killer into the metaverse, ‘Shiberse’ to compete with other metaverse tokens such as Axie Infinity, Sandbox, and Decentraland. Analysts expected a  jump in Shiba Inu price due to growing demand for the meme coin. Shiba Inu Introduces Shiberse to Compete With MANA, SAND & AXS Shiba Inu […]

GALA Sees Massive Jump of 117% as the Ecosystem Draws New Users

GALA Sees Massive Jump of 117% as the Ecosystem Draws New Users

Gala (GALA), a platform focused on employing blockchain technology to offer players control over the games they play and the in-game stuff they collect; has seen its token price incredibly surges in the first week of February. What Makes Play-to-Earn Like GALA Surge in 2022? Blockchain technology is why the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s play-to-earn (P2E) gaming […]

Google Web 3.0 Strategies, Check Explored Google Blockchain Products

Google Web 3.0 Strategies, Check Explored Google Blockchain Products

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet Inc. and its parent company Google, revealed some strategies about its blockchain plan; investigating the use of Web 3.0 technology for the first time.  He is considering ways to incorporate the blockchain-based version of the internet during its Q4 results call last week. Google is All Set to Investigate […]

What is Metaverse? Everything You Need to Know

What is Metaverse - Everything you need to know

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg rebranded the social media company to Meta, not many would have clearly understood the big bold step. At that time, Zuckerberg had said that the change will aim to emphasize more on the company’s vision of “metaverse”. But what exactly is metaverse and why someone like Mark Zuckerberg is getting all […]

Boom in Crypto Salaries ? Popularity for Accepting Salary in Cryptocurrency is Staggering

Boom In Crypto Salaries! How To Accept Salaries In Crypto & Future?

Blockchain technology has been around for a decade and its popularity has increased exponentially. They are now finding applications in business, and several firms are currently recruiting for decentralized technology specialists; and paying their salaries in crypto.  What Are The Career Opportunities In The Blockchain Sector? The most recent technological advancements are gradually opening up […]

FM Sitharaman Announces Establishment of India’s First Digital Currency

FM Sitharaman Announces Establishment of India's First Digital Currency

Today, Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Finance Minister, announced India’s first digital currency would be available shortly for Indian investors. Around her fourth Budget, Sitharaman stated that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will launch digital currency in 2022-23. She also said that it would have a significant impact on the economy. In July of last year, […]

What is Web 3.0? How is it different from Web 2.0?

What is Web 3.0 ?

Looking back, web 1.0 was the beginning of the internet, and web 2.0 was the birth of the online services that we all know and use today, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix. Web 3.0, also known as the decentralised web; is the third version of the Internet that improves on the current Web […]

What is Blockchain Technology, and How is it Transforming Lives Digitally?

What is blockchain technology? Explained in Hindi

‘Developer of Blockchain Technology based Service network gets $30M in funding.’ We all are acquainted with reading the news related to Blockchain, and not just because we want to, but they usually make up the headlines of the technology news section. But, have you ever asked yourself, what is Blockchain? If we break the word […]

India Unveils National Blockchain Strategy, Urging the Reserve Bank of India to Issue Digital Currency

National Strategy on Blocckhain, BuyUcoin

The National Strategy to Develop a Trusted Digital Platform for Providing e-Government Services Using Blockchain lays out the original objective as well as the development and implementation schemes for a National Blockchain Platform, including the technology stack, legislative framework, standards development, collaboration, human resource development, and potential use cases. It is intended that this strategy […]