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Algorand Price Prediction 2022 | 22 February | ALGO Market Update

Algorand Price Prediction 2022 | 22 February | ALGO Market Update

On the 12-hour chart, Algorand Price Prediction 2022 has sliced below the lower border of the descending triangle formation, sparking a 38 percent drop that might push ALGO lower toward $0.50, the current chart pattern’s bearish target. Let’s Examine Algorand’s Technical Movement: Algorand Price Prediction 2022 The first line of...

EMURGO to invest $100 million in Cardano to accelerate the DeFi adoption Learn more

EMURGO To Invest $100 million in Cardano To Accelerate The DeFi Adoption

Following the release of smart contracts capability, decentralized finance (DeFi) has become an increasingly important addition to the Cardano network. Since the Alonzo hard fork, developers have been working to bring their DeFi solutions to the ecosystem. Emurgo to invest $100 million in Cardano to accelerate the DeFi adoption. However,...

Altcoins Price

Altcoins Price Highs in Mid-Cap from Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin began the week in the red, and the rest of the crypto market soon followed. BTC and Ethereum are among the most resilient cryptocurrencies in the top ten by market cap for the weekly chart. Altcoins price highs in Midcap from BTC and ETH. In the midst of the...


Skybridge Capital Applies For Crypto ETF And Stockpile $100 Million For ALGO Fund

Anthony Scaramucci announced the whole crypto worth of SkyBridge Capital, an alternative investment firm based in Australia. SkyBridge currently possesses crypto worth $700 million, according to him. The cryptocurrency company ETF, or crypto-based exchange-traded fund, has been filed by the alternative investing firm. They did this on Tuesday in order...


Daily Crypto News- Cosmos has reached an all-time high EmbedDespite a stagnant global cryptocurrency market, Cosmos has reached an all-time high Cosmos (ATOM) blew up 10.74% overnight to set a new price of $39.58, according to crypto data aggregator Nomics, despite the fact that crypto’s total global market cap of $2.51 trillion has barely moved in the last...

PancakeSwap Price Prediction For 2022: Should You Invest In CAKE Or Not?

Check out the summary before we begin with a comprehensive PancakeSwap price prediction. PancakeSwap leaves its mark on the technological and practical DeFi eco-space by promoting convenience and optimism while easing consumers’ lives. PancakeSwap runs on a decentralized exchange with an automated market maker (AMM), diverging from the traditional cryptocurrencies

Will KUSAMA sustain the Bulls? KSM Price Prediction July 9th 2022

The Kusama price is struggling to maintain its position on the daily price chart. The token is working to keep up its momentum in an effort to hold its position. In order to maintain the current rising momentum and complete its breakout from the consolidation phase, KSM coin must continue

What will Happen to DOT now? Polkadot price prediction July 9th 2022

On Friday, the price of polka dots marginally declined as investors began to sell their positions after the recent recovery. DOT is currently trading at $7, just below the high for the week of $7.45. DOT’s market valuation has increased to over $7.9 billion after declining by nearly 87 percent

Is BNB coin Turning green? BNB Price Prediction July 8th 2022

The price of BNB has been moving in a falling triangle pattern since mid-last year, per technical research on Binance Coin. At the end, BNB’s price underwent a traditional bullish breakout and is likely to return to the nearest barrier in the future. This is also supported by the price

Will AAVE Spike more? AAVE Price Prediction July 8th 2022

Aave’s current price as of 2022 July 8 on Friday is 71.3092 USD. Our price forecasting engine suggests that the closing price of Aave might be approximately 68.6383 USD tomorrow based on the most recent price fluctuations. We project that by the end of 2022, the price of Aave might

FANTOM (FTM) can reach $5 Level soon? FTM price prediction July 7th 2022

Fantom, also known as its native token FTM, has recently been working wonders in the cryptocurrency market. Check out the overview before we begin with a comprehensive Fantom price prediction. Before the start of the new year, Fantom Price provided former investors with a massively profitable return on their chart


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