Trade Ripple in India – The Digital Currency For the Bank

Trade Ripple in India

The cryptocurrency that was started for a limited group and discussed in close communities in different pockets of the world now has become a global phenomenon with a market cap of $1.94 Trillion. You cannot ignore crypto as the reality and future of transactions. Ripple is a money transfer network that was created to meet […]

TOXX Trading Competition 2021, Win up to 40,000 TOXX Tokens

TONXX, TOXX Token Trading Competition on BuyUcoin

This Trading Competition is discontinued due to server maintenance and community guidelines* For any queries, Kindly connect with We are inviting traders to get the Finest Experience of our Crypto Trading Platform. It is the beginning of new horizons for cryptocurrency in India, followed by bullish opinions and cryptocurrency regulation in India, and we […]

NFT’s Dark Side: Art & Identity Theft, Wash Trading, And Environmental Desolation

NFT's Dark Side Learn more

NFTs are rapidly changing the landscape of art and entertainment; but the new phenomenon has attracted the attention of fraudsters; who are using it to commit crimes such as art theft and identity theft. Copyright regulations; document storage, forgery concerns, a high carbon footprint; expensive taxes, and ownership defaults are among the other challenges, according […]

What is Ethereum Blockchain?

What is Ethereum Blockchain?

If you’ve been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrencies for the last decade; You’ve probably heard the phrase “blockchain,” which refers to the record-keeping technology that powers the cryptocurrency network. Blockchain is a data storage mechanism that makes modifying, hacking, or cheating the system difficult, if not impossible. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a blockchain platform with […]

China’s Move To Deem Crypto Sparked Panic Sales in India

China's Move To Deem Crypto Sparked Panic Sales in India Learn more

Mumbai: Several Indian investors rushed to close positions in lesser crypto; while others sought safety in safer names such as; Bitcoin and Ethereum as the asset class plummeted on Friday and Saturday after the Chinese central bank declared all cryptocurrencies illegal. Transaction volumes at key Indian exchanges have increased by about 50% in the last […]

No Fees on Crypto Withdrawals in India | Now Exchange Cryptocurrencies with 0% Fees.

No Fees on Crypto Withdrawals in India

Great news for all the BuyUcoin users! Now Enjoy free cryptocurrency withdrawals on our platform! As of 27th September 2021, all the users will be able to withdraw cryptocurrencies from one BuyUcoin Crypto Wallet to another BuyUcoin Crypto Wallet at zero network fees. What’s the benefit for Users? On BuyUcoin Web/App you can withdraw/transfer your crypto assets […]

Etherlite Coin (ETL) is now LIVE for Trading on BuyUcoin

Etherlite Coin (ETL)

BuyUcoin lists EtherLite Coin (ETL) on its platform, providing seamless and smooth trading for ETL-INR and ETL – USDT pairs on its platform. Traders can now Buy ETL in India from BuyUCoin and check the Etherlite price in India with live trading charts and real-time market prices. Trading Etherlite or ETL is a five-step procedure. […]

Daily Crypto News- Cardano will work with Chainlink to provide real-time data

Cardano will work with Chainlink to provide real-time data Known more EmbedCardano will work with Chainlink to provide real-time data Cardano(ADA) latest collaboration contributes to the development of a more robust smart contract architecture to satisfy the growing demands of decentralized finance. Cardano will work with Chainlink to provide real-time data. The collaboration was announced on Friday, during the Summit, and will be led by […]